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October 12, 2017

Holy Martyrs Probos, Tarachos and Andronikos

Sts. Probos, Tarachos and Andronikos (Feast Day - October 12)


Tarachos, Andronikos and Probos by a sword,
Were taken up victoriously advancing beyond disturbance.
On the twelfth Probos, Tarachos and Andronikos were beheaded.

These three Holy Martyrs contested during the reign of Emperor Diocletian (284-305). They were Tarachos (Tarachus), a Roman who was a native of Claudiopolis in Isauria and a former soldier, the plebeian Probos (Probus) of Side in Pamphylia, and the patrician Andronikos (Andronicus), who belonged to a prominent family of Ephesus. The three were brought before the governor Numerian Maximus for being Christians, and they boldly confessed Christ. For this they were horribly tortured three times in various cities, including Tarsus, Mopsuestia, and Anazarbus of Cilicia.

Tarachos was struck on his jaw and neck with stones. His hands were burned in fire. Then the Saint was suspended on a post and smoke was put underneath him, which made it difficult for him to breathe and it choked him. After this vinegar mixed with mustard and salt was forced up his nostrils. This was followed by being burned on his chest with fiery spits. With a razor his ears were then cut off, and then he was scalped.

Probos was flogged with cowhide. Then his feet were burnt with fiery irons. After suspending him, they burned his back and sides with fiery spits. Divine Andronikos was suspended on a wooden post, and his sides were ripped with iron claws and his wounds were burnt with torches. Then they forced down his throat food and wine that was offered to idols, and he made known to the governor that victory cannot be obtained by force, but voluntary apostasy alone is a disgrace and defeat to Christians. Finally they cut off his tongue and lips.

After all this, the Holy Martyrs were brought into a stadium and wild beasts were set on them. There a bear went up to Andronikos and licked his wounds, while a lioness played harmlessly with Tarachos. This astonished the crowd, but the governor was furious, so he set gladiators on them, who cut them all up into small pieces. In this way the Holy Martyrs gained the crown of martyrdom. When night came three men named Marcian, Felix, and Verus, who witnessed their martyrdom and added an epilogue to the saints' Acts, retrieved the bodies of the three Saints, buried them, and watched over them the rest of their lives, requesting that they be buried in the same vault as the Martyrs at the end of their lives.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
The hosts of heaven were amazed at the triumph of these holy martyrs. For having fought the good fight in their mortal bodies, by the power of the Cross they conquered bodiless enemies. They now intercede with the Lord, that He may save our souls.

Kontakion in the Second Tone
The soldiers of Christ, the holy martyrs Probos, Tarachos and Andronikos, have shown us the glory of the Trinity. They refuted the error of their persecutors, by fighting bravely for the faith.