October 17, 2017

Holy Martyrs and Unmercenaries Kosmas and Damian of Arabia, and their Brothers Leontios, Anthimos and Euprepios

Sts. Kosmas, Damian, Leontios, Anthimos and Euprepios (Feast Day - October 17)


To Kosmas and Damian.
From the race of Arabians by the sword,
I saw the Unmercenaries as divinely excelling in valor.

To Leontios.
Leontios by his beheading destroyed error,
Like an Ant-lion, as the Book of Job says.

To Anthimos and Euprepios.
Beheaded Anthimos and Euprepios,
Blossomed forth brightly and still most-beautifully.

There are three pairs of Holy Unmercenaries named Kosmas and Damian, and all three alike occupied themselves with the art of medicine. The first pair known as Kosmas and Damian are commemorated on November 1, who were the sons of the pious Christian woman Theodote, and after reposing in peace were buried in Phereman of Syria. The second pair known as Kosmas and Damian are commemorated on July 1, who were from Rome and stoned to death out of envy by their master. The third pair known as Kosmas and Damian, who we commemorate today, were from Arabia. As physicians they traveled through various cities and lands, and brought healing to many at no charge. This gave them the opportunity to preach Christ to unbelievers and convert them to the true faith.

During the reigns of Emperors Diocletian and Maximian, in the year 292, the Saints went to a city of Cilicia in Asia Minor known as Aigai, together with their three brothers Leontios, Anthimos and Euprepios. And standing before the Governor of Lycia, they confessed Christ, and for this they were flogged without mercy, then cast into the depths of the sea. Because they did not drown, but by divine grace were found without harm on the shore, they were taken by the unbelievers and cast into a lit furnace. Having been kept unharmed from the flames of the furnace, they were suspended on a cross. After this all five blessed brothers were beheaded, and received the crowns of martyrdom. Many miracles were manifested from their holy relics, even as miracles abounded from them during their life.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
Holy Unmercenaries and Wonderworkers, Kosmas and Damian, visit our infirmities. Freely you have received; freely give to us.

Kontakion in the Second Tone
Having received the grace of healing, you grant healing to those in need. Glorious wonderworkers and physicians, Kosmas and Damian, visit us and put down the insolence of our enemies, and bring healing to the world through your miracles.