Sunday, October 22, 2017

Saints and Feasts of October 22

On the twenty-second Abercius departed the earth.

Venerable Abercius the Equal to the Apostles, 
Bishop of Hierapolis and Wonderworker

Saint Abercius of Hierapolis, the Equal to the Apostles and Wonderworker

The Epitaph of Saint Abercius of Hierapolis

Holy Martyrs Alexander the Bishop, Herakleios, 
Anna, Elizabeth, Theodote and Glykeria

Saints Alexander the Bishop, Herakleios, Anna, Elizabeth, Theodote and Glykeria

Holy Martyr Zacharias

Holy Martyr Zacharias

Venerable Rufus

The Sayings of Abba Rufus

Venerable Lot

The Sayings of Abba Lot

Holy Seven Youths of Ephesus

Holy Seven Youths of Ephesus Resource Page

Saint Eulalios of Lambousa
Saints Theodore and Paul of Rostov
Venerable Kuksha of Odessa 

Commemoration of the Miraculous Deliverance 
of Moscow and Russia from the Poles in 1612
Synaxis of the Andronikos Icon of the Mother of God

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