October 12, 2017

Holy Martyr Anastasia the Virgin

St. Anastasia the Virgin (Feast Day - October 12)


Welcoming being conducted to her beheading,
Was the right-victorious Martyr Anastasia.

This Saint lived during the reign of the emperors Decius (249-251) and Valerian (253-260). She was from Rome, and lived in asceticism from her youth in a monastery together with four other virgins. Anastasia was accused of being a Christian and insulting the pagan gods to Governor Probus, and she was brought before him bound in iron chains. Having boldly confessed before him her Christian faith, and being unmoved by flatteries and threats alike, she was given over to torture.

At first she was struck in the face. She was then stripped naked and burned with fire, all the while being sprinkled with a mixture of pitch, oil and sulfur. They then hung her up on a wooden pole, and from there they cut off her breasts. Then after pulling out the nails from her hands and feet, they cut off her hands and feet. After this they extracted her teeth. Remaining steadfast in her faith throughout, her torturers saw that everything in their perverted imagination was exhausted, therefore they beheaded her, and the blessed one received the crown of martyrdom.