October 2, 2017

Life of Saints Cyprian and Justina in Icons

18th cent. Russian Life Icon of Sts. Cyprian and Justina

Left to right: Cyprian serving the pagan idols; Justina catechized by Deacon Praylius; baptism of Justina; Cyprian invoking a demon to help Aiglias seduce Justina

The temptation of St. Justina

The repentance of St. Cyprian and the burning of his magic books

Left to right: The repentance of Cyprian and burning of his magic books; baptism of Cyprian by Bishop Anthimos; ordination of Cyprion as Bishop and Justina as Deaconess

Left to right: Cyprion and Justina preaching the gospel; Cyprian and Justina preserved unharmed in the furnace; martyrdom by the sword of Cyrpian and Justina

The martyrdom by the sword of Cyprian and Justina