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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Holy Martyr Mamelchtha the Persian

St. Mamelchtha the Martyr (Feast Day - October 5)


"Do now receive me washed O Christ,"
Mamelchtha declared, and she was struck with stones.

Saint Mamelchtha (or Mamelta) was from Persia and served as priestess of the Temple of Artemis. Her sister however was a Christian. One night she saw an Angel of God in her dreams, who showed her and instructed her in the mysteries of the Christians. When she woke up in fear and trembling, she told her sister about her dream. Her sister brought her to the Bishop, and since she came to believe in Christ, he baptized her. When the pagans found out about this, they became enraged and stoned her to death, even as the blessed one was still wearing the white garments of Holy Baptism.

After this they took her holy relic and threw it into a very deep pit, which the Christians soon after recovered with much effort. The Bishop then went to the King of the Persians, and received permission from him to tear down the Temple of Artemis, and over it to be build a church to the Holy Martyr Mamelchtha. Doing so, they treasured her honorable relic in the newly-built church.

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