May 3, 2017

Miracles of Saint Xenia of Kalamata

St. Xenia of Kalamata (Feast Day - May 3)

The following miracles are recorded in the Great Synaxarion:

Now it is noteworthy that Christians who happened to be in attendance at the venerable Xenia's execution and the immolation of her sacred relics, with faith, took up the ashes. This residue, through the intercessions of the Great Martyr Xenia, proved effective for the healing of incurable diseases for longtime sufferers. Thus, the good fame of the Saint circulated in the mouths of all in Peloponnesos and throughout Greece.

Now many miracles and paradoxical wonders have taken place for those who invoked the help of Saint Xenia. This phenomenon takes place to this day for those who take refuge in her, and with faith call upon her honorable name. Therefore, we shall narrate a few of those miracles to the glory of the philanthropic God, Who is glorified in His Saint, and to the benefit of your love.

1. At that time, there was a pious woman named Maria from Patras, in northwestern Peloponnesos. She was afflicted with a severe illness. The physicians, to whom she resorted, were unable to determine the illness nor to remedy it. Thus, she lay in bed for many months. She never ceased, however, to call upon the Lord's help and His saints.

Once, her husband's cousin came to visit her. She was from Kalamata. When the cousin beheld Maria's pitiable condition and learned that physicians were incapable of healing or assisting her, she brought to mind the wonderworker of her homeland, the Great Martyr Xenia. She recommended that Maria take refuge in her patronage and seek her help.

As advised, the infirm Maria entreated the Saint night and day with tears for a cure. Then, one night, as she ardently prayed after a critical stage of her disease, Maria beheld the Saint in her sleep, who said to her, "Your suffering cannot be cured by physicians. Evil people have bound you to a spell. However, if you will meet with me, I shall loose you from your illness and heal you. My name is Xenia."

Maria awoke filled with joy and related the dream to her husband. Now he, without wasting any time, brought her to the newly-built church honoring the Saint. When Maria beheld the icon of Saint Xenia, she immediately recognized her. Thus, before her icon, Maria supplicated the Saint with ardent faith and profound compunction.

On the third day, the Saint again appeared in a dream to the ill woman. The Saint took oil from the oil lamp of her icon and anointed Maria's body, and uttered, "Glorify, O woman, God who has granted you your health. Go now to your house." Then - O the miracle! - Maria arose and was exceedingly glad, for she sensed that she was completely restored. Then, with even greater reverence, Maria glorified our Lord Jesus Christ and the holy Great Martyr Xenia who saved her from a certain and grievous death.

2. During the Frankish domination, Saint Xenia healed the son of a farmer suffering from lunacy. As many times as he was troubled by the devil, he would cry out, "Saint Xenia torments me!" Due to this, his parents entreated the Saint with faith to save her child. The merciful and benevolent Martyr then appeared in a dream to the mother of the afflicted one. She counseled the mother to betake herself to the parish priest, promising to help heal her child. When the mother awoke, she immediately acted upon what she was advised by Saint Xenia. Then, in a short while, her son was healed and liberated from that frightful madness.

3. In like manner, the Saint healed one named Nicholas who was paralyzed in his feet. Nicholas had humbly and with faith invoked the wonderworking Saint and Great Martyr.

4. A young woman, suffering from facial paralysis, was immediately restored when, with fervent faith, she sought the help of the Saint.

Therefore, O pious listeners and lovers of Christ, let us, with faith, take refuge in Saint Xenia. Let us flee to her in every difficulty and, especially, in those sicknesses which she, by the grace of God, especially helps and cures; for many have been healed by God at her behest. This includes sufferers from lunacy, heart disease, nervous disorders, boils and ulcers. Moreover, she may be invoked for deliverance from charms and spells wrought through jealousy and envy. Indeed, she is able to dispel these demonic machinations and incantations for all those that call upon her with faith and piety; for she is able to save them through the honorable Cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to Whom is due glory and dominion unto the ages. Amen.