April 30, 2017

Synaxis of All Saints of Messenia

On the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers, the Church celebrates the memory of all those Saints who are associated with Messenia, a district of the southwestern Peloponnese. The twelve Saints who are celebrated are:

1. Holy Apostle Caesar, First Bishop of Koroni (Dec. 8)

2. Saint Athanasios, Patriarch of Constantinople, whose relic is kept in the Church of Saint Constantine in Androusa. (Oct. 28)

3. Saint Nephon, Patriarch of Constantinople (Aug. 11)

4. Saint Athanasios, Bishop of Methoni (Dec. 10)

5. Saint Agathokles, Bishop of Koroni (Sept. 9)

6. Saint John, Bishop of Messene (July 13 or the first Sunday after)

7. Holy Great Martyr Xenia of Kalamata (May 3)

8. Venerable Martyr Elias of Ardounis (Jan. 31 and the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers)

9. Venerable Martyr Theophanes (June 8)

10. Saint Theodore of Koroni (May 12)

11. Saint Hierotheos the New of Iveron (Sept. 13)

12. Saint Leo of Methoni (May 12)

Rejoice Messenia which in Christ, bloomed forth wondrously, twelve Saints, that day and night, richly intercede fervently, for her children in the heavens, that they may partake of grace.