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Holy and Great Monday Resource Page

On Holy and Great Monday, we commemorate the blessed Joseph the All-Comely and the fig tree cursed and withered by the Lord.

Verses to Joseph the All-Comely

The chaste Joseph proved to be a just ruler
And a provider of corn; O abundance of good things.

Verses to the withered fig tree

Christ likeneth the synagogue of the Hebrews
To a fig tree devoid of spiritual fruits and
Withereth it with a curse; let us avoid its fate.

Synaxarion for Holy and Great Monday

Holy and Great Monday: Scripture Readings

Holy Monday

Holy and Great Monday (Elder Epiphanios Theodoropoulos)

Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Fourth Century Jerusalem According to Nun Egeria

The Lord Comes To His Voluntary Passion

The Humble and Suffering Bridegroom of the Church

The Bridegroom of our Church

The Bridegroom Comes as a Mad Lover to Redeem His Creation

Behold, the Bridegroom is Coming - Ιδού, ο Νυμφίος έρχεται

Holy Monday - Freedom That Alters

"Bring More Evils Upon Them, O Lord"

"Israel Does Not Know Me..."

On the Cursing of the Fig Tree (St. John Chrysostom)

The Meaning of the Withered Fig Tree of the Gospel (St. Maximus the Confessor)

Why Did Christ Curse the Fig Tree?

A Homily on Joseph, the Chaste and Innocent

The Inner Freedom and Purity of Life of Joseph the All-Comely

The Joseph Story: Narrative, Theology and the Christian Hope

Joseph and Jesus Compared

Sermon on Joseph the Most Virtuous (St. Ephraim the Syrian)

Joseph the Patriarch in the Homilies of John Chrysostom

The Garment of Adam and the Garment of Joseph

Who Sold Joseph Into Slavery?

Who Sold Joseph? (Abba John the Dwarf)

The One Who Wrongs Us Is Our Benefactor (St. Paisios the Athonite)

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