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Friday, April 7, 2017

Holy Martyrs Rufinus the Deacon, Aquilina and 200 Soldiers of Sinope

Sts. Rufinus, Aquilina, and the 200 Soldiers with them (Feast Day - April 7)


To Rufinus.
Rufinus was reckoned as a sheep to the slaughter,
Slaying the ancient devil wolf.

To Aquilina.
With hands tied behind her back,
Aquilina is burned in the front.

To the Two-Hundred Soldiers.
Twenty times ten men are snatched away by the sword,
Manly of mind, manly also of heart.

The Holy Martyrs Rufinus the Deacon, Aquilina (Akylina) and the 200 Soldiers with them suffered in around the year 310 in the city of Sinope on the coast of the Black Sea during the reign of Emperor Maximian (305-311). When Rufinus was put into prison for confessing Christianity, Aquilina showed concern by attending to him. Therefore, she was also placed under guard. In prison they converted two-hundred soldiers to Christ by their miracles. Rufinas was killed with a knife like a sheep to the slaughter, Aquilina had her hands tied behind her back while her stomach was burned which caused her death, and all two-hundred soldiers were beheaded by the sword.

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