April 5, 2017

A Recent Miracle of St. Savvas of Kalymnos for a Couple from England

The radio producer of the ecclesiastical station Aletheia FM Kalymnos, Nikos Mamakas, on a Sunday morning when Saint Savvas the New of Kalymnos was celebrating, was on the radio program Peiraiki Ekklesia with Lykourgos Markoudis, where he spoke about an amazing miracle.

Every Friday he does a shift at the ecclesiastical bookstore of Kalymnos. Three years ago, an elderly couple who were tourists from England came into the bookstore, and after they bought something he gave them as a blessing a small icon of Saint Savvas.

They asked him: "Who is this?"

He told them: "The Saint of our Island, Saint Savvas."

Then they asked him - always in English: "Why is he a Saint? What did he do?"

He said: "He's a Saint because he loved God very much, was an ascetic, worked and continues to work many miracles, cures cancer, and he helps infertile couples have children."

When they heard the last thing, they told him to hold on a minute, and they went to call their daughter and her husband who were outside. Then they asked him to tell their daughter the last thing he said. He repeated: "Saint Savvas helps many infertile couples have children." They then asked if he could take them to the Monastery of Saint Savvas; he accepted and they went to the Monastery.

This woman was not Orthodox, but she had a lot of respect and reverence, and she asked if she could enter the church since she was not Orthodox. She was told that of course she could enter. Then she asked the abbess if she could pray at the coffin where the incorrupt relic of Saint Savvas is kept, and she said that of course she could.

She knelt and prayed for about ten minutes before the Saint with tears, saying among other things: "Saint Savvas, I am not Orthodox, and do not know many things about Christ, but I believe in God, and I believe you can help us."

She then stood up and the abbess gave her some oil from the lamp of the Saint, in order to cross her stomach with. After thanking them they left.

One year later, on a Friday, the elderly parents of the couple went to the bookstore. They found Nikos and greeted him with joy, but he did not immediately remember them, though after they reminded him he did remember. They asked him to wait and they went to call their daughter and her husband, who entered holding a newborn baby in their arms

"This is Sabbina," they said.

They had a beautiful little girl in their arms, and not only this but they all had been baptized Orthodox - parents and children - with the help of the known Metropolitan Kallistos Ware in England.

They asked him if he could take them to the Monastery of Saint Savvas so they may thank the Saint. Once they arrived with great emotion the mother of the child placed little Sabbina on the coffin of the Saint and said to him: "Take her, she is yours not mine!"

This woman also brought from England a huge briefcase full of examinations and medical opinions from the best hospitals who dismissed her ability to become pregnant because she had a problem in the fallopian tubes. She pressed Nikos to read them to realize the magnitude of the miracle. They had tried all scientific means and had spent a lot of money, even selling a plot of land to be able to cope. God is alive!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.