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Holy Week In General

The Spiritual Ladder of Holy Week

The Meaning of the Cross and Resurrection of Christ

Persons and Events of Holy Week

Passover To Pascha

"Pascha" or "Easter" or Both?

Was Easter Borrowed From a Pagan Holiday?

Debunking Myths About the Date of Easter

Is the Date of Easter Related to Passover?

Concerning the Date of Pascha and the First Ecumenical Council

Finding a Shared Date for Easter Falls Flat With Churches

Christian Pascha and Jewish Pascha in the New Testament

True Orthodox Faith During Holy Week and Pascha

Elder Paisios on How to Deepen our Experience of the Feasts of the Church

"Tell My Brethren..." (An Exhortation to Priests for Holy Week)

Orthodox Christian Holy Week (documentary)

On Holy Week: Elder Ephraim of Arizona

Epithets for the Passion of Christ

Holy Week and Pascha on Mount Athos

Easter On Mount Athos (documentary)

Pascha On Mount Athos (video)

Passion Week On Mount Athos (video)

Holy Week and Pascha in Zakynthos

Holy Week and Pascha In Colombia

James Joyce and Orthodox Holy Week

Pascha On Mount Athos With Yannis Tsarouchis

Should A Child Fast?

Bunnies and Chicks or Cross and Resurrection?

Easter: The Psychological Dimension of Its Customs and Traditions

"The Passion of the Christ": An Orthodox Perspective (film review)

Fringe Scholarship Returns For Holy Week

The Latest Scam: Nails from Jesus’ Cross

Saturday of Lazarus

Synaxarion For the Saturday of Lazarus

Saturday of the Raising of Lazarus

The House of Lazarus (Christocentric Experiences of a Hermit)

"Lazarus, Come Forth!" (A Despotic Voice, A Royal Shout, A Powerful Command)

Greek Traditions For the Saturday of Lazarus

Lazarakia - Traditional Bread For the Saturday of Lazarus

Why Did Jesus Weep at the Tomb of Lazarus?

What Happened to Lazarus After He Rose From the Dead

Saint Lazarus In Orthodox Tradition

The Lazarus of the Parable and Lazarus who was Four Days in the Tomb

Saint Lazarus the Friend of Christ as a Model for our Lives

The Tomb of Lazarus

The Tomb of Lazarus and the Monastery of Sts. Martha and Mary (video)

Tombs in the Holy Land and the Tomb of St. Lazarus

Prayers Needed for Saint Lazarus Monastery in Bethany

Metropolitan Hilarion Conducts Service For Those Re-joining the Church

Palm Sunday

Synaxarion for Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday - Gospel Commentary

St. Romanos the Melodist on Palm Sunday

Homily for Palm Sunday (St. Gregory Palamas)

St. Luke of Simferopol: On Palm Sunday

The Lord's Entry Into Jerusalem

The Triumphant Entry

"Behold Your King Is Coming To You"

Fasting Rules For Annunciation and Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday in Orthodox Culture

What Do the Palm Branches Signify?

Where Do the Millions of Palms Come From?

"The Donkey" by G.K. Chesterton

As We Prepare To Celebrate Pascha

Palm Sunday and the Miracle of Saint Spyridon in 1630

The Annual Palm Sunday Reception of the Holy Cross from Mount Athos to Petrokerasa

William George Clark: Palm Sunday In Argos

Palm Sunday in Bulgaria

Palm Sunday In Hong Kong

Muslim Donates Free Fish To Orthodox Church In Rhodes

550 Students Baptized at Saint Mark's In Belgrade

Holy and Great Monday

Synaxarion for Holy and Great Monday

Holy Monday

The Lord Comes To His Voluntary Passion

The Humble and Suffering Bridegroom of the Church

The Bridegroom of our Church

The Bridegroom Comes as a Mad Lover to Redeem His Creation

Behold, the Bridegroom is Coming - Ιδού, ο Νυμφίος έρχεται

Why Did Christ Curse the Fig Tree?

A Homily on Joseph, the Chaste and Innocent

The Inner Freedom and Purity of Life of Joseph the All-Comely

Joseph and Jesus Compared

The Garment of Adam and the Garment of Joseph

Who Sold Joseph Into Slavery?

Holy Monday - Freedom That Alters

"Bring More Evils Upon Them, O Lord"

"Israel Does Not Know Me..."

Holy and Great Tuesday

Synaxarion for Holy and Great Tuesday

3 Holy Fathers On the Parable of the Ten Virgins

St. Seraphim of Sarov on the Parable of the Ten Virgins

The Fourth Path of Repentance

The Coming Judgment

Hypocrisy: The Illness of our Time

Holy and Great Wednesday

Synaxarion for Holy and Great Wednesday

St. Theodore the Studite: Sermon for Holy Wednesday

The Central Message of Holy Wednesday

Elder Petroniu on Holy and Great Wednesday

Holy Wednesday - The Freedom of Love

The Sinful Woman: A Sheep Without a Shepherd

The Woman Who Anointed Christ's Feet With Myrrh

On the Blessed Tears of Repentance

Υμνο: Η Απεγνωσμένη

A Dramatic Representation of the Anointing of the Lord With Myrrh

Saint Kassiani the Hymnographer

The Tomb of Saint Kassiani in Kasos

The Many Dresses of Kassiani

P.B. Paschou on the Troparion of Kassiani

Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas and the Troparion of Kassiani

Select Gnomic Verses of Saint Kassiani

Holy Unction and Holy Wednesday

The Mystery of Holy Unction

About the Mystery of Holy Unction (Anointing)

Why Do Orthodox Constantly Seek God's Mercy?

St. John Climacus on the Love of Money (or Avarice)

What Would You Do If You Had More Money?

Holy and Great Thursday

Synaxarion For Holy and Great Thursday

Love and the Resurrection of Christ

"The Body of God Both Nourishes and Sanctifies Me"

The Holy Altar Today Becomes the Upper Room

Who Should Commune?

Last Supper, Mystical Supper or Secret Supper?

Holy Thursday Eucharistic Epistle Reading Chanted in Plagal of the Second

The Holy Communion of Judas and our Communion

Questions About Judas Answered

The Betrayal of Judas

The Burning of Judas in Greece

The Last Two Days of Holy Week With Saint Paisios the Athonite

St. Mary of Egypt and Holy Thursday

Epithets for the Passion of Christ

Meaningfully and Personally Sharing in the Passion, Cross and Resurrection of Christ

Holy Thursday Message From Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

Φώτιος Κετσετζής: "Εξέδυσαν με..."

The Red Eggs of Pascha

2011 Patriarchal Foot Washing Ceremony In Jerusalem on Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday in Patmos - the Sacred Niptira

Holy Thursday in Patmos 2014 (photos + video)

Patmos: Its Monastery and Passion Play (1904)

Easter on the Island of the Apocalypse - Patmos (documentary)

The Sanctification of Holy Myrrh in the Orthodox Church

Ecumenical Patriarch Encyclical On the Sanctification of Holy Chrism

The 2012 Sanctification of the Holy Myrrh (video)

Orthodox Bulgaria Marks Holy Thursday

The Miracle of the Bleeding Gospel (April 27, 1989)

A Monastery of Five Widows and a Buddhist Who Became Orthodox

Holy and Great Friday

Synaxarion for Holy and Great Friday

What the Church Teaches Us On Great Friday

The Hours of Great Friday

St. Theodore the Studite: Sermon for Great and Holy Friday

St. Ephraim the Syrian: The Passion of the Savior

Holy Cross Resource Page

St. Ephraim the Syrian on the Holy Cross

St. John Chrysostom on the Holy Cross

The Passion of Christ According to Theophanes the Cretan

Christ Speaks To Us From the Cross (St. Tikhon of Zadonsk)

The Cross of Christ and His "Mad Love" for Humanity

Why Did Christ Suffer Crucifixion?

What Christ Accomplished on the Cross

Following in the Footsteps of Christ Who Suffered For You

The Cross as a Balance Scale of Righteousness

The Mystery of the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ

Two Powerful Old Testament Images of Christ On the Cross

Great Friday Message From Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

The Trilogy of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ

King of the Jews or King of Glory?

To Whom Was the Blood of Christ Offered? (St. Gregory the Theologian)

Like a Lamb Led to the Slaughter

"Like a Lamb Led to the Slaughter"

The Lord Responds To His Mockers

The King Who Does Not Defend Himself

"My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?"

Why The Good Thief Was Pardoned

Did Only One Thief Insult Christ on the Cross?

The Miraculous Healing of St. Porphyrios of Gaza by the Thief on the Cross

The First Chapel Dedicated to the Holy Thief of Golgotha

The Pain of the Mother of God

She Also Was A Mother

The Dirge of the Panagia: A Good Friday Tradition

A Cypriot Lamentation of the Panagia For Great Friday

The Two Evil Deeds of Israel Against Jesus

The Miraculous Opening of Graves After the Crucifixion

The Horror of Nature at the Death of Christ

The Death of Christ, A New Pathway to Life (St. Cyril of Alexandria)

Holy Martyr Longinus the Centurion

A Forensic "Autopsy" of Jesus

The Fraudulent Letter of Pontius Pilate

The Inscription by Pontius Pilate

The Prison of Christ in the Praetorium Monastery

Dried Up Crown of Thorns Blooms Again in Athens!

Greek Customs and Traditions for Good Friday

A Unique Epitaphio in Ouranoupoli

Video: A Dramatic Passion of Christ In Rhodes

Hundreds Venerate "the Undefiled Passion" in Kilkis

Cyprus Welcomes Relics of the Undefiled Passion

The Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme In Rome

After 32 Years, Crucifixion Icon Returns To Monemvasia

The Magnificent Illumination of Santorini for Great Friday (photos + videos)

Great Friday Vespers In Moscow (photos - video)

Holy and Great Friday In Hollywood

First Good Friday Procession Allowed in Smyrna Since 1922

Holy and Great Saturday

Synaxarion for Holy and Great Saturday

On the Lord's Passion, Death and Descent into Hades (St. John of Damascus)

St. Amphilochios of Iconium: On the Burial of Our Savior

St. Epiphanios of Salamis: The Lord's Descent Into Hades

Christ's Divine Strategy in Defeating the Devil (St. Gregory Palamas)

The Liturgical Theme of Holy Saturday

Who Wrote the Lamentations of Holy Saturday?

Ezekiel's Prophecy of the Resurrection

The Mystery of the Tomb of Christ

Great and Holy Saturday: The Forgotten Feast

The Lord In Hades

The Descent of Christ Into Hades

Jesus In Hades and the Sign of Jonah

Christ and the Binding of the Strong Man (Origen of Alexandria)

"Lift Up Your Gates": A Powerful Paschal Custom

Prophet Jonah Resource Page

The Miracle of the Holy Light in Jerusalem

Fr. Mitrophanes: The Monk Who Saw the Holy Light

A Miracle of the Holy Light of Jerusalem in Athens

Russian Priest Seeks Scientific Proof for the Miraculous Nature of the Holy Light (Holy Fire) of Jerusalem

News Report On the Holy Light of Jerusalem from 2001

The Holy Light (Holy Fire) of Jerusalem 2010

Miracle of the Holy Light of Jerusalem 2011

2011 Holy Light Arrives In Athens From Jerusalem

The Holy Light Of Jerusalem In Kalymnos 2011

Video: A First Look At the Holy Light of Jerusalem 2012

A First Look At the Holy Light of Jerusalem 2013

A First Look at the Holy Light (Holy Fire) of Jerusalem 2014

A First Look at the Holy Light (Holy Fire) of Jerusalem 2015

A First Look at the Holy Light (Holy Fire) of Jerusalem 2016

The Torn Column and the Holy Light: Pascha 1579 AD

Saint Tounom the Emir (+ 18 April 1579)

10 Reasons I Believe the Holy Light Is a Miracle 1

10 Reasons I Believe the Holy Light Is a Miracle 2

10 Reasons I Believe the Holy Light Is a Miracle 3

Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem on the Holy Light

British Archaeologist Charles Warren and the Holy Light

A Russian Study of the Holy Light of Jerusalem

A Satirical Look at the Miracle of the Holy Fire

A Prayer Before the All-Holy Sepulchre

Akathist to the Lifebearing Tomb of Christ

Video: The Holy Sepulcher, a 3D Journey Back in Time

Documentary: The Guardians of the Holy Sepulchre (Greek)

One Door and No Fire Exit at Holy Sepulchre Church

Why the Shroud of Turin is Fake

Why the Shroud of Turin is a Forgery

Holy Saturday Morning In Kerkyra (Corfu)

2011 Paschal Messages of Orthodox Leaders

Protestants To Join Orthodoxy on Holy Saturday

On Leaving Church Early On Pascha After "Christ is Risen!"

Pentecostarion Resource Page - Covers the period from Pascha Sunday to the Sunday of All Saints

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