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Pentecostarion Resource Page

Holy Week Resource Page


From Pascha to Pentecost

The Feast of Mid-Pentecost and the Pentecostarion

Kneeling In Church On Sundays


Debunking Myths About the Date of Easter

Is the Date of Easter Related to Passover?

Concerning the Date of Pascha and the First Ecumenical Council

Finding a Shared Date for Easter Falls Flat With Churches

Christian Pascha and Jewish Pascha in the New Testament

Catholic Church in Holy Land Will Celebrate Easter With the Orthodox Calendar

CECEF Urges All Christians in France To Celebrate Easter Same Day As Orthodox


What Is "Bright Week"?

Bright Week Celebrations In Greece

Bright Week Customs In Northern Greece

Bright Week Customs and Beliefs In Old Russia

Easter: The Psychological Dimension of Its Customs and Traditions

True Orthodox Faith During Holy Week and Pascha


Synaxarion for the Sunday of Pascha

"On Pascha" by Melito of Sardis (a 2nd century text)

A Paschal Exhortation of St. Gregory the Theologian

St. Hesychios of Jerusalem: On the Holy Pascha

A Paschal Homily of Saint Justin Popovich of Chelije

St. Symeon the New Theologian: A Clear Vision of Christ's Resurrection

St. John of Kronstadt: Sermon on the All-Joyous Day of Pascha

An Athonite Paschal Miracle in 1935

The Feast of Pascha Is An Invitation To Illumination

What Pascha Isn't and What Pascha Is

On Leaving Church Early On Pascha After "Christ is Risen!"

The Joyful Sorrow of Pascha

Elder Paisios on the Joy of the Resurrection

Elder Porphyrios and the Joy of the Resurrection

The Greatest Event in Human History

May the Calendar of the Heart Say "Resurrection"!

Passover To Pascha

"Pascha" or "Easter" or Both?

Was Easter Borrowed From a Pagan Holiday?

Pascha Under Turkish Domination (1 of 6)

Pascha Under Turkish Domination (2 of 6)

Pascha Under Turkish Domination (3 of 6)

Pascha Under Turkish Domination (4 of 6)

Pascha Under Turkish Domination (5 of 6)

Pascha Under Turkish Domination (6 of 6)

The Mysterious Paschal Liturgy in Hagia Sophia in the Year 1522

What Hans Christian Andersen Said About Greek Easter

An Atheist's First Easter

"The Day of Easter" by Dionysios Solomos (A Paschal Poem)

Approved English "Christ is Risen‏" for Greek Archdiocese of America

A Paschal Divine Liturgy In the Middle of Paris

A Russian Catacomb Pascha

The Red Eggs of Pascha

The Resurrection Gospel in Homeric Greek (and other Greek dialects)

The Priest Who Translates the Gospel Into Sign Language

"Christ Is Risen" In Latin

"Christ Is Risen" in Pomak

8 Year Old Chants "It Is the Day of Resurrection"

Paschal Art

St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite on Inappropriate Ways To Celebrate Pascha

Paschal Fireworks Battle In Chios

Easter on the Island of the Apocalypse - Patmos (documentary)

Greek Bombs Trouble Tarpon Springs On Easter

A Syrian Style Easter

Boy Dies In Athens From Pascha Fireworks

Greek Easter (with lemon)

Easter On Mount Athos (documentary)

Pascha on Mount Athos, Valaam and Sarov

Pascha at Vatopaidi Monastery

Pascha at Dionysiou Monastery on Mount Athos

Pascha On Mount Athos With Yannis Tsarouchis

Holy Week and Pascha in Zakynthos

Holy Week and Pascha In Colombia

Easter on the Greek Island of Paros

Pascha In Old Greece

Holy Pascha at Saint Anthony's Monastery in Arizona (video)

Flash Mob In Beirut Mall Sing "Christ Is Risen!"

48.1% In Greece Do Not Believe in the Resurrection

90 Percent of Russians Will Celebrate Easter

Pascha At Optina Monastery 2011

Syrian Christians Unite for Easter

Easter Celebrations In Prizren

Pascha in Kolwezi, Congo

"Christ Is Risen" in the Streets of Moldavia

Pascha In New York With Archbishop Demetrios 2011

Pascha With Papadiamantis: Lessons from a Panegyrist

A Romaic Pascha With Alexandros Papadiamantis

Icon Made of 15,000 Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Made of 7500 Roses Decorates Kiev Caves Lavra

At Easter, Albanians Recall ‘Dark’ Communist Past

An Orthodox Easter Greeting from Tom Hanks (video)


Holy Martyr Irene of Hellas

Saint Tounom the Emir (+ 18 April 1579)

Holy New Martyr Michael the Vourliotes (+ 1772)

Holy New Martyr Agathangelos of Esphigmenou (+ 1819)

The Paschal Martyrdom of Neomartyr Panagiotis (+ 1820)

Holy Hieromartyr Gregory V, Patriarch of Constantinople (+ 1821)

Hieromartyr Gregory V, Patriarch of Constantinople (+ 1821)

What Did Patriarch Bartholomew Ask For At the Martyrdom Site of His Predecessor Patriarch Gregory V?

Saint Ananias of Malles, Crete (+ 1907)

The Amazing Miracles of Saint Ananias of Malles, Crete

New Martyrs of Optina Monastery (+ April 18, 1993)


The Meaning of the Cross and the Resurrection

The Mystery of the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ

The Gospel of Resurrection

Christ Removed the Three Obstacles Between God and Man

The First and Second Resurrection

The Resurrection of Christ is the Annihilation of Death

The Firstborn From the Dead

The Truth and Power of the Resurrection

We Ought To Rejoice in the Resurrection Joy of the Theotokos

The Theotokos as the First to See the Risen Christ

The Three Visits of Mary Magdalene to the Tomb of Christ

Eastern and Western Depictions of the Resurrection

The Mystery of Life and Renewal

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Resurrection of Christ

The Inner Existential Celebration of Christ's Resurrection

The Resurrection of Christ as an Historical and Existential Event

The Underlying Purpose of the Appearances of the Risen Christ

The Orthodox Church as the Church of the Resurrection

The True Pascha of the Church

12 Historical Facts Most Critical Scholars Believe Supporting the Resurrection

The Testimony That Christ Rose From the Dead

Evidence for Christ's Resurrection From the Dead

Experiences of the Risen Jesus

How An Atheist Came To Believe in the Resurrection

The Risen Christ: Logic on Trial

The Gospel Through a Homicide Detective's Lens

The Resurrection - Exclusive to Christianity

What Do the 153 Fish Caught by the Apostle Peter Signify?

The Authenticity of Mark 16:9-20

With What Kind of Body Will The Dead Rise?

Ezekiel's Prophecy of the Resurrection


Paschal Litany on Mount Athos for Bright Week

A Paschal Greeting To Elder Paisios From the Panagia

Bulgarians Flock to See Wondrous Bachkovo Icon

Saint George Resource Page (if Pascha is after April 23)


Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Resource Page

179 Newly-Revealed Martyrs of Ntaou Penteli

The Appearance of the Iveron Portaitissa Icon

Saint Savvas the Vimataris and the Miracle of Panagia Vimatarissa

New Martyr John the New of Ioannina

Saint John of Ioannina as a Model for our Lives

The 1826 Miracle of St. Menas in Herakleion, Crete

Saint Patapios of Thebes and His Monastery in Loutraki

Holy New Martyr Christopher of Dionysiou (+ 1818)

Holy New Martyrs Anastasia and Christodoulos of Patras (+ 1821)

6,000 Martyrs of the St David Gareji Monastery

Saint Mark the Apostle and Evangelist (if Pascha is after April 25)

The Chapel of Panagia Kakaviotissa on Limnos

Synaxis of Panagia of Asinou

Synaxis of Panagia of Podithou

Synaxis of Panagia Trikoukiotissa

Synaxis of Panagia Koutsouriotissa in Erateini, Phocis

Panagia Tsambika in Rhodes

Panagia Tsambika, the Panagia of the Childless (video)

Synaxis of the Panagia of Awesome Protection at Koutloumousiou Monastery

The Miraculous Spring of the Archangel Michael in Thasos and the Discovery of the Honorable Nail of the Savior

The Custom of the "Icons" in the Cave of Grevena

Lost 11th Century Okoni Triptych Icon Returned to Georgia


Synaxis of All Saints of Mount Sinai

Saint Nikandros the New Ascetic of Sinai

Saint Leontios of Vlacherna in Arcadia (+ 18th century)

Translation of the Relics of Saint Joseph Gerontogiannis

Synaxis of Panagia Ypseni in Rhodes

The Kasperov Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos


Holy New Martyr Michael the Breadseller (+ 1547)

Panagia Kamariotissa In Samothraki


Zoodochos Pege (Life-Giving Spring) Resource Page


Feast of the Synaxis of the Holy Kollyvades Fathers

The "Kollyvades" Fathers of the Holy Mountain

The Kollyvades Movement and the Spiritual Regeneration of Orthodoxy

"The Philokalia": A Challenge To Western Culture

Saint Kali the Philanthropist


Synaxarion For the Sunday of Saint Thomas

Antipascha — Thomas Sunday Gospel Explanation

Renewal Sunday: The Eighth Day After Pascha

The Mystery of the Sabbath and of the Lord’s Day (St. Gregory Palamas)

Orthodox Bulgaria Marks Sunday of St. Thomas

Saint Thomas the Apostle Resource Page

Saint Cyril VI, Patriarch of Constantinople (+ April 18, 1821)

Three Recent Miracles of Saint Cyril VI

Saint Niketas the New Hieromartyr (+ 1808)

The Holy 1241 New Martyrs of Naousa

First Celebration of the 1241 Naousa Martyrs of 1822

Synaxis of All Saints of Lesvos


The Mystery of the Resurrection of Christ

The Risen Christ, A Test of Logic

St. John Chrysostom's Homily On the Cemetery and the Cross (Excerpts)

Tuesday of St. Thomas: Radonitsa (Day of Rejoicing)

Thomas Monday or Tuesday and the Departed

Synaxis of Panagia Paravouniotissa in Eretria, Greece

Panagia Chrysafitissa of Monemvasia


Synaxarion For the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers

Homily For the Sunday of The Myrrhbearing Women (St. Gregory Palamas)

The Theotokos as the First to See the Risen Christ

The Diligence and Love of the Myrrhbearing Women

The Holy Myrrhbearers and Contemporary Christian Women

Saint Mary Magdalene Resource Page

Saint Salome the Myrrhbearer

Saint Salome the Myrrhbearer as a Model for our Lives

Saint Joanna the Myrrhbearer

Akathist to the Lifebearing Tomb of Christ

The Right Hand of Saint Polycarp of Smyrna

Saint Tamar, Queen of Georgia

The Holy and Venerable Brothers Theocharis and Apostolos of Arta

Saint Akakios the New of Kavsokalyva (+ 1730)

The Myrrh-Streaming Skulls of Panahrantos Monastery on Andros


Synaxarion for the Sunday of the Paralytic

Homily for the Sunday of the Paralytic

A Prophetic Exegesis of the Healing of the Paralytic

The Paralytic and the Paralysis of Egoism

The Paralytic's Endurance and the Meaning of Life

Holy New Martyr Theodore of Byzantium (+ 1795)

St. Theodore of Byzantium and the Miraculous Deliverance of Mytilene from the Plague in 1832

Synaxis of All Saints of Euboea (Evia)


Synaxarion for the Wednesday of Mid-Pentecost

The Feast of Mid-Pentecost and the Pentecostarion

The Feast of Mid-Pentecost

St. Theophan the Recluse on Mid-Pentecost

The Mid-Pentecost Celebration of St. Gerasimos the New

Mid-Pentecost and Hagia Sophia

Greek Documentary on Hagia Sophia in Constantinople

Largest Church In Cyprus Consecrated

The Wisdom of God (1 of 4)

The Wisdom of God (2 of 4)

The Wisdom of God (3 of 4)

The Wisdom of God (4 of 4)


Synaxarion for the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Synaxarion of Saint Photini the Samaritan Woman and Those Martyred With Her

Sermon for the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Saint Photini the Samaritan Resource Page

Holy New Martyr George of Ephesus (+ 1801)

Synaxis of All Saints of Demetriados


Synaxarion for the Sunday of the Blind Man

Sunday of the Blind Man

The Spiritual Blindness of Sin

The Man Born Blind and the Malicious Exaggeration of the Scribes and Pharisees

A Maiden Named Mary and Her Shocking Tale

A Blind and Deaf Girl Healed by the Theotokos at Kiev Caves Lavra

Synaxis of All Saints of Aitolia-Acarnania

A Paschal Miracle of the Epitaphios in 2011

The Blind Shepherd Who Memorized the New Testament


The Apodosis (Leavetaking) of Pascha

Discovery of the Panagia Ypapanti Icon in Kalamata


Synaxarion for the Thursday of the Ascension

The Ascension of Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ

The Ascension of the Lord in the Flesh to Heaven

Saint Leo the Great's First Homily on the Ascension of Christ

Saint Leo the Great's Second Homily on the Ascension of Christ

Participating in the Ascension of the Lord (St. Nikolai Velimirovich)

And Ascended Into Heaven...

The Glorious Ascension of Our Lord and the Prayer of the Heart

The Ascension of the Lord and the Deification of Humanity

God is Without Form and Beyond Description

Why Didn't the Holy Spirit Come Right After the Ascension?

Video: A Reconstruction of the Chapel of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives

The Holy Georgian Martyrs of Persia (+ 1616)

Holy New Martyr Pachomios (+ 1730)

The Miraculous Chapel of the Holy Ascension

Synaxis of Panagia Arvanitissa in Chios

Synaxis of Panagia Chrisopigi of Sifnos

The Feast of the Ascension and Esphigmenou Monastery

The Miraculous Icon of Saint Anna in Boeotia

Praying to Saint Ascension


Synaxarion for the Sunday of the Holy Fathers

Sunday of the Fathers of the First Ecumenical Synod

The Poisonous Songs of Arius

A Profile of Saint Athanasios the Great of Alexandria

Saint Metrophanes, First Archbishop of Constantinople

How a Simple Priest Saved “Consubstantiality”

Icons of the Nicene Creed

Ecumenical Synods as Charismatic Events that Represented the Church

Saint Agatharchos, Bishop of Lefkada, and the Holy Five God-bearing Fathers


The Saturday of Souls Before Pentecost

The Significance of the Saturday of Souls Before Pentecost

Saturday of Souls Resource Page


Synaxarion for the Sunday of Pentecost

On Pentecost by St. Gregory Palamas

St. Theodore the Studite: On Holy Pentecost

The Mystery of Pentecost According to Fr. John Romanides

Meditation On Pentecost (1 of 3)

Meditation On Pentecost (2 of 3)

Meditation On Pentecost (3 of 3)

Is Pentecost the Birthday of the Church?

The Origin and Revelation of the Church

From the Sacred Ascension To Holy Pentecost

The Confusion of Babel and the Unity of Pentecost

"The Heavens Above Have Opened"

"The Earth Has Become Heaven Today"

The Holy Spirit As Comforter

The Testimony of the Spirit of God

Holy Scripture Written By Holy Men of God

The Spirit of the World and the Spirit of God

The Holy Spirit Makes Us Children of God

"Grieve Not the Holy Spirit of God"

That We Ought Not To Grieve the Spirit of God

The Love of God Is A Gift of the Holy Spirit

The Responsibility of Being A Temple of the Holy Spirit

The Renewal of the Universe

Giver of Life: The Holy Spirit In Our Daily Experience

Why Did Christ Call the Grace of the Holy Spirit Water?

Babylon and the Trees of Pentecost

The Attributes of the Church

Every Mystery and Every Virtue Is A Small Pentecost

The Unity of the Church and the Satanic Trap of Schisms and Heresies

Why Go To Church When I Can Just Pray At Home?

Russian Patriarch Celebrates Pentecost At Holy Trinity - St. Sergius Lavra

Celebrating Pentecost Between Heaven and Earth In Serbia

Video: Pentecost Vespers At the Holy Sepulchre

Pentecost Celebrated on Holy Zion in Jerusalem

Video: The Attarouthi Dove & the Byzantine Empire


Synaxarion For the Monday of the Holy Spirit

Monday of the Holy Spirit

Agia Kori, the Wonderworker of Olympus

The Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni in Lefkada

The Wonderworking Icon of the Holy Trinity in Rodopolis


Synaxarion for the Sunday of All Saints

First Sunday After Pentecost or All Saints Sunday

On the Veneration of the Saints

The Sunday of All Saints and the Purpose of Life

Who Is A Saint? (Fr. John Romanides)

What Is A Saint?

The Fearlessness of the Saints

The Feast of All Saints Was Inspired By An Empress

Saint Theophano the Empress

On the Mystery of the Faith of the Saints

New Saints: Contemporary Treasures of the Church

Aspiring To Be Saints

The Cave Church of All Saints In Nafplio

The Tunnel of 365 Saints at Straja Hermitage

The Holy Revealed Ones (Agioi Fanentes): Gregory, Theodore and Leon

Saint Gregory of Mystra, Patron of Sparta

A Meditation for the End of the Pentecostarion


Second Sunday After Pentecost Resource Page


Third Sunday After Pentecost Resource Page

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