January 4, 2017

The Top 25 Most Popular Mystagogy Posts of 2016

1. Muslim Refugee in Greece Builds Shrine to the Virgin Mary to Thank the Greeks

2. An Icon of Saint John the Forerunner Gushing Myrrh in Chicago

3. 18 Year Old Mute Spoke for First Time Before the Icon of Panagia Gorgoepikoos

4. A First Look at the Holy Light (Holy Fire) of Jerusalem 2016

5. The Snakes of the Panagia Have Made Their Appearance in Kefallonia (2016)

6. Oil and Myrrh Gushing from the Tomb of St. George in Lydda (video)

7. Elder Ephraim of Arizona Exposes Old Calendarism

8. Michael, the 12-year-old Boy from Mount Athos

9. The Tunnel of 365 Saints at Straja Hermitage

10. The Holy and Great Synod Will Take Place in Crete in June 2016

11. The Last Time the Head of the Russian Church Met the Pope of Rome

12. Big Announcement!!!

13. A Morning Prayer by Elder Sophrony of Essex

14. Rare Video Showing an Embrace Between Saint Paisios and Patriarch Bartholomew

15. The Relationship Between Orthodox and Other Christians

16. The Cave of Saint Mary of Egypt (photos)

17. "Neurotic" Orthodoxy in America

18. A Reply to Those Who Speak Ill of the Holy and Great Synod

19. The Immaculate Conception and the Orthodox Church

20. How the Theotokos Raised and Saved a Fornicating Priest

21. Fidel Castro and Mount Athos

22. The Soccer Player Who Became Paralyzed and Was Baptized Orthodox

23. A Former Nightclub Bouncer in an Orthodox Monastery

24. Life of Saint Theodora, Empress of Arta

25. How Do Non-Orthodox Christians Work Miracles and Prophesy?