January 28, 2017

The Abbot of the Athonite Old Esphigmenou Monastery Gets Twenty Years in Prison

In the Mixed Jury Criminal Court of Thessaloniki yesterday, 11 people faced felony charges, of which 8 were monks, for instigating violence and throwing molotov cocktails at police officers and others in July 2013 at Karyes.

The Abbot of the Old Brotherhood of Esphigmenou Monastery, Methodios (Papalamprakopoulos), received a twenty-year prison sentence that was immediately enforced.

Also, the primary attacker, Monk Antypas, was also convicted to twenty-years of prison, which was immediately enforced.

The remaining 6 monks received prison sentences of ten years and four months as accomplices, which have been stayed pending retrial on appeal.

In a statement from the Canonical New Brotherhood of Esphigmenou, established in 2005, it was said: "The decision of the court, which is enforceable immediately for the first two, gives the measure of common sense. Namely that one thing is the confession of faith and another the use of explosives and the committing of serious crimes. The spiritual disagreements and other denials of the rules of the Holy Mountain and the state are another thing."

And addressing the rest of the old brotherhood of 110 monks occupying the Monastery, which refuses to abide by the rules of the Holy Mountain and has separated in communion from the rest of the Holy Mountain, the Abbot of the New Brotherhood stated: "The fraternity and administration of the monastery are willing to embrace every brother who would come with good intentions and to make every effort for restoration. We can all contribute calmly and without fanaticism to bring an end to the lingering futile and hopeless occupation of the monastery premises."

Abbot Methodios

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