January 19, 2017

Life and Sayings of Holy Abba Makarios of Alexandria


Makarios of Alexandria, born around 296, was a tradesman, a seller of sweetmeats. He went to visit Abba Pachomios at least once during Lent. He was a hermit and priest in the Cells, famous for extreme asceticism; one of his disciples was Paphnutios. He died about 393.


1. Abba Makarios of Alexandria went one day with some brethren to cut reeds. The first day the brethren said to him, 'Come and eat with us, Father.' So he went to eat with them. The next day they invited him again to eat. But he would not consent saying, 'My children, you need to eat because you are carnal, but I do not want food now.'

2. Abba Makarios went one day to Abba Pachomios of Tabennisi. Pachomios asked him, 'When brothers do not submit to the
rule, is it right to correct them?' Abba Makarios said to him, 'Correct and judge justly those who are subject to you, but judge no one else. For truly it is written: "Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside"' (1 Cor. 5.12-13).

3. For four months Abba Makarios visited a brother every day, and he did not once find him distracted from prayer. Filled with wonder he said, 'He is an angel on earth.'