January 20, 2017

Holy Martyrs Bassus, Eusebius, Eutyches and Basilides the Roman Senators

Sts. Bassus, Eusebius, Eutyches and Basilides (Feast Day - January 20)


To Bassus
The hands of Bassus were cut off by the hands of executioners,
Profane hands, sanctified hands.

To Eusebius
All the members of Eusebius were cut off by an axe,
The Orthodox faith remains undivided.

To Eutyches
Eutyches was divided into three parts,
Honoring God as three divine persons.

To Basilides
Not being cut to pieces like the athletes,
Basilides is struck in the belly.

These four Martyrs lived during the reign of Emperor Diocletian (284-305). They were very wealthy, holding the office of imperial senators. They came to faith in Christ, and received holy Baptism, after seeing Bishop Theopemptos of Nicomedia (Jan. 5) bravely endure the torments of the faithless, and working miracles by the power of Christ. Having been denounced to the emperor and standing before him, they first had their belts removed, a sign of their exalted office, then each received a different end to their life.

Saint Bassus was cast inside a pit up to his thighs, and after his hands were cut off as well as his entire body, he came to an end. Saint Eusebius was suspended upside down, and being cut to pieces with an axe, he came to end. Saint Eutyches was violently stretched out to four stakes, and after being cut into three parts, he had a blessed end. Saint Basilides had his stomach ripped open with a knife, and his life came to an end. In this way all four received crowns of martyrdom.