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Friday, January 20, 2017

Saint Euthymios the Great Resource Page

St. Euthymios the Great (Feast Day - January 20)


What common thing about your life was there Euthymios?
You carried off to the Angels those with an unusual life.
Your life ceased on the twentieth well-bearded Euthymios.

Saint Euthymios the Great

Saint Euthymios the Great (+ 473)

Translation of the Sacred Relic of Saint Euthymios the Great in 473 A.D.

Saint Euthymios the Great as a Model for our Lives

A Saint Worthy of Emulation: Saint Euthymios the Great

The Teachings of St. Euthymios the Great

That We Should Attend the Divine Liturgy with Awe and Reverence

Saint Theoktistos, Fellow Ascetic of Saint Euthymios the Great

The Relationship Between St. Gerasimos of Jordan and St. Euthymios the Great

Saint Gabriel, Abbot of the Monastery of Saint Stephen in Jerusalem (+ c. 490)

The Monastery of Saint Euthymios the Great in Israel (video)

5th Century Byzantine Monastic Church On Masada

Why We Celebrate the Feast of Saint Anthony the Great on January 17th

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