Sunday, January 29, 2017

Holy Martyrs Silouan the Bishop, Luke the Deacon and Mokios the Reader

Sts. Silouan, Luke and Mokios (Feast Day - January 29)


Silouan, Luke together with Mokios,
Made the cheers dull along with the wild lions.

During the reign of Emperor Numerian (283-284), a persecution arose against the Christians. At that time Silouan, the Bishop of the city of Emessa which is in Syria, was denounced to the ruler there and immediately arrested, along with Deacon Luke and Reader Mokios, and the three stood before him bound together. After being interrogated, the ruler saw how they confessed Christ as the true God, and they anathematized the veneration of idols, therefore he became enraged. Being unable to persuade them with flatteries to renounce Christ, he had them harshly beaten and imprisoned, where he left them to die of hunger.

After a sufficient amount of days, they were again questioned, and again they were beaten and imprisoned a second time. There they were enfeebled with hunger and thirst, so the ruler decided to give them over to the wild beasts, in order to fight against them. As the Saints stood in the stadium, various beasts were released at them, and the Martyrs of Christ prayed that they may be perfected by such a martyrdom. God heard the prayers of His servants, and He received their souls, as they requested. Then the wild beasts reverenced the relics of the Saints, and without completely touching them, they departed. When night came, some Christians went and stole them, and had them buried with honors, while glorifying and thanking God.

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