January 19, 2017

Synaxarion of Holy Martyr Euphrasia of Nicomedia

St. Euphrasia the Martyr (Feast Day - January 19)


Through a wise falsehood you fled wanton violence against the flesh,
And truly you contested by the sword Euphrasia.

This Saint was from the city of Nicomedia, and lived during the reign of Emperor Maximian (285-305). She was from a notable family, and was of a sensible and pious mind. After being betrayed as a Christian, and being unpersuaded to offer sacrifice to the demons, she was harshly lashed. Remaining steadfast in her confession of the Christian faith, for this reason she was handed over to a barbaric man in order to be dishonored. However the Saint fooled him in this wise manner.

The Saint promised that barbarian, that if he did not touch her, she would give him medicine that would protect him from every sword and arrow of the enemy. Saying this, she also promised saying, "If you want to find out what I tell you is true, try it on my neck," and immediately she laid bare her neck. The barbarian, thinking that she was speaking words of truth, struck with strength at her neck with his sword, and he cut off her holy head.

In this way she remained undefiled, and the blessed one received the unfading crown of martyrdom.