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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saint Mark of Ephesus Resource Page

St. Mark the Eugenikos (Feast Day - January 19)


Mythically Atlas bore the heavens on his shoulders,
Truly Mark bore Orthodoxy.

Synaxarion of Saint Mark the Eugenikos of Ephesus

Life of Saint Mark the Eugenikos of Ephesus

Saint Mark the Eugenikos - the Star of Ephesus

Saint Mark of Ephesus as a Model for our Lives

How Saint Mark of Ephesus Behaved in the Dialogue With the Latins

Church and Churches in Relation to the Holy and Great Synod (4 of 4)

Saint Mark of Ephesus on the Latin Church

Excerpts From the Letters of Saint Mark of Ephesus

Patriarch Bartholomew On Dialogue With the Non-Orthodox

Contemporary Miracles and Apparitions of Saint Mark of Ephesus in Athens

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