January 26, 2017

Holy Martyrs Ananias the Presbyter, Peter the Prison Guard and the Seven Soldiers With Them

Sts. Ananias, Peter and the Seven Soldiers with them (Feast Day - January 26)


Peter with the seven entered the sea,
With Ananias also who entered with pleasure.

These Saints lived during the reign of Emperor Diocletian, when Maximus was governor of Phoenicia. Saint Ananias was arrested and brought before the governor, and having confessed Christ he mocked the idols. For this reason he was beaten with rods, and his sides were burnt with red-hot spits. Then vinegar and salt was applied to his burnt members. After this the Saint through his prayers shook the temple, which caused the idols to fall to the ground. Therefore he was put in prison, and there he received food from God. By this miracle he attracted Peter the prison guard to faith in Christ, and together with him they were cast into the sea, at the order of the governor. Together with them were seven soldiers who also were cast into the sea, for the Saint had also attracted them to faith in Christ, after he was astoundingly preserved unharmed when undergoing his torments. Thus all together the blessed ones received from Christ the crown of the contest.