December 20, 2014

Photos Associated With St. John of Kronstadt Today

In the basement chapel of the Convent of Saint John of Rila in St. Petersburgh, which was founded by St. John of Kronstadt, there can be found the tomb of St. John of Kronstadt. It is said that his body was hidden years ago for fear the communists may steal his body, and till this day the location of his body is not known.

This is the apartment building of St. John in Kronstadt, which today has been made into a museum. In the courtyard stands a statue in his honor. He lived on the first floor.

The Central Park on Lenin Road in Kronstadt, where the church was once located in which St. John of Kronstadt served his daily services, but it was destroyed by the communists. Today it is commemorated by a plaque.

The new church in honor of St. John of Kronstadt near the church that was destroyed by the communists.