December 6, 2014

Nicholas, Saint of the Storm-Tossed

By Archimandrite Gregory Konstantinos

Saint Nicholas of the Storm-Tossed, the Saint of the Sea, beloved by people and protector of sailors and all the poor, and a supporter of the afflicted, is particularly honored today by all Orthodox people throughout the world.

On this day the Saint is celebrated in all the chapels that stand on various beaches and ports as vigilant guards blessing and co-sailing with our sailors.

As Archbishop of Myra in Lycia of Asia Minor, the Saint was always present among us. The Saint was and is a lover of mankind and a lover of the poor, a defender of truth and justice.

The saints of our Church who are registered in our calendar have the privilege to console us.

With the great unrest that exists and that we experience in our days, we have need of their visitation. The economic, spiritual and moral crisis of recent years, hopes for and expects help from heaven.

In his time Saint Nicholas was the patron of the hungry and hurting among his fellow men. Many are his miracles.

That time is like our own. There was deprivation, poverty, need, miseries and disappointments, but charity, consolation and spiritual stimulation were not lacking.

Saint Nicholas is a shining example. In a time like ours today that offers some conveniences and comforts, as well as confusion and agitation, the Saint guides us from above.

Many people want to take the place of God in our lives. Wickedness and deceitfulness finds ways to get into the depths of our soul to trap us. But the Saint liberates us.

Some of our fellow men underestimate the saints while others exaggerate them, thereby underestimating the person of Christ.

The saints, as we know, are good and trusted friends, fierce intercessors, affectionate mediators.

Saint Nicholas crosses seas and lands to protect and save those who are at risk.

He is a known, beloved and revered Saint. He stands boldly before Christ and He listens to him willingly.

This is why he is loved by the people. His icons wear a "shirt" of silver, and with their many offerings and lamps they work miracles for all those who embrace them with warm faith.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.