Sunday, December 14, 2014

Myrrh Abundantly Dripping from an Icon of Saint Gabriel in Georgia (video)

In the home of a family in the country of Georgia, an icon of the recently canonized Saint Gabriel has been dripping myrrh since July. It is a family with two children, and they are all described as very good people.

The woman of the house in which the icon can be found explains: "This is the icon I bought at Easter. I placed in a spot it deserves - in the sacred corner. About three months ago, it began to drip myrrh. I wiped the icon and noticed that the fabric was damp. A very large flow started. There was myrrh across the surface of the icon. After a week, I noticed a crack in the glass. In the morning, at 4:00AM dawn, I heard a creaking sound. You can see how the myrrh is dripping."

Recently, the family showed the icon to Patriarch Ilia II, who was very happy.

"We spoke with the Patriarch," the woman said, "and he blessed us. He said it was a great miracle. We are very curious what the cracked glass means. The Patriarch said that it is obvious a great test awaits us."

Myrrh is collected in a vessel, because the flow is abundant. Clergy come to take it to bless their parishioners, according to the television station of the Patriarchate of Georgia.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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