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December 12, 2014

The Healing of a Young Boy from a Deadly Illness in 1861 by St. Spyridon

A certain lad named John Pallios, the only son of Spyridon and Katherine Vrikos, were Orthodox Christians residing for many years in Barletta, a town in central Italy. Early in November 1861, when John was eight years of age, he was stricken by a severe case of typhoid fever which grew progressively worse over seventeen days, defying all medical treatment. 

On the morning of the 17th the youth lay gravely ill. He had the appearance of death all about his face. His pulse was very feeble and his extremities were motionless and cold; his voice was weak and his respiration labored. All symptoms bespoke the prognosis of imminent death. Therefore, his mother did not cease to pray in tears to Saint Spyridon on her knees. At that ominous moment, she increased her sighs and supplications, and suddenly as if by divine inspiration, she was moved to say, "I will send a telegram to my kinsfolk in Kerkyra, that they open the reliquary of the Saint and have a Supplication Service chanted for our Johnny! By the Saint's intercession God will indeed save him and restore him to me, for I have besought him with all my heart and soul."

The telegram was sent promptly, and behold the miracle! About noon, at the precise moment the reliquary was opened and the Supplication Service performed, the youth lay critically ill, his condition having deteriorated seriously since the morning. Then immediately, a spasm convulsed his entire body, which indicated to the physicians in charge that this was the final throws of his ailment. In reality, it was the expulsion and riddance of the deadly disease through the intercessions of the Saint. A little while later, the symptoms disappeared and signs of a welcome recovery appeared; he began to perspire normally, regained his vision and all vital signs returned to normal. All who witnessed this, including the doctors, were astounded and exclaimed, "Truly, it is a miracle! Wondrous is God in His saints!" 

After this, John underwent a slow recovery, for the lad remained silent. This grieved his parents. However, even this condition improved through the intercessions of Saint Spyridon. On the eve of his commemoration on December 11th, the youth regained his speech and at last, his health in general was restored, to the glory of God and his faithful servant.

Source: Great Synaxarion of the Orthodox Church