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December 9, 2014

A Miracle of Saint Anna for a Barren Woman

Published on 06/24/2006:

I've been married eight years and we could not have a child. My wife had a problem with her period and while we went to many doctors they could not do anything. They found that everything was well with her and they would lift their hands in surrender. For the first six years of our marriage, my wife did everything she could, taking many pills, receiving many injections and various other things suggested by physicians.

Since we saw that nothing could be done, we decided to remain childless. We stopped everything and two years passed, without the anxiety of having to take pills and the other things we did at the advice of physicians. Certainly nothing could be done with the issue of childbearing.

One day, therefore, we went to confession to a young priest, because in the church we went to there were many people, and I didn't have enough time to be absent from my job. So this man told us about the miracle of Saint Anna which, for those who don't know, regards childbearing, because Saint Anna, who gave birth to the Panagia, also was sterile. He told me to go to Mount Athos, to the Skete of Saint Anna, and to follow the instructions they would give me there. We did everything according to the instruction of the monks, we fasted forty days and kept the various things written in the book of Saint Anna, and immediately after we came in contact. MY WIFE BECAME PREGNANT WITH THE FIRST! Without a period, without any pills, without the help of doctors - everything came through prayer!

The doctors could not believe my wife was pregnant. Again, they lifted their hands in surrender. Currently we have a healthy baby boy of four months, and our life has changed for the better too. Every Sunday we go to church and we commune every Sunday, daily glorifying Saint Anna, and generally we are thrice-blessed.

So this Friday on 02/10/2006 I am returning to the Monastery and again will thank Saint Anna up close. This is the biggest miracle that has taken place in my life, and I also want to say that at Mount Athos, when I went, all was so beautiful and serene that I have not found anything like it anywhere. Therefore, I will come again on Friday and I am very happy.

I hope everything turns out well for the world and they all have my happiness.


Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.