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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saint Gennadios the Steward of Vatopaidi

St. Gennadios the Steward of Vatopaidi (Feast Day - November 17)


Gennadios saw a strange miracle,
An empty tank overflowing, by the grace of the Pure One.

Saint Gennadios was the steward of Vatopaidi Monastery on Mount Athos in the fourteenth century, and was in charge of supplies. When the monastery's oil began to run low, he tried to be economical with what remained by using oil just for the needs of the church. The cook began to complain to the abbot, saying that he had no oil for preparing meals. The abbot ordered Gennadios to place his trust in the Mother of God to supply the oil for all the monastery's needs.

One day, Saint Gennadios went to the storeroom and saw the tank overflowing with oil covering the floor as far as the door. This miracle was ascribed to the Most Holy Theotokos, and to her Elaiovrytissa icon which stood nearby. Since that time, the icon has hung in the storeroom and has emitted an ineffable fragrance. Saint Gennadios reposed in peace.

The Elaiovrytissa ("Flowing with Oil") Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos is commemorated on Bright Friday. On this day the icon is transferred to the Katholikon of the monastery. It also bears the name Docheiarissa ("Stewardess").

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