November 28, 2010

Metropolitan Dionysios of Corinth on the Greek Citizen's Card

November 27, 2010

The Greek State has promised the Church of Greece that it will take into account its view regarding the Citizen's Card, which is due to be implemented on 11 January 2011. The Church of Greece has expressed its concerns that the implementation of the Citizen's Card may violate personal freedoms and rights of citizens.

Metropolitan Dionysios of Corinth has also expressed his views on the issue. He said: "The Metropolis cannot have another position on this issue from that of the Holy Synod. The Citizen's Card has no relationship with religious issues as it is the management of personal data. It is well-known that certain Fathers speak of an Antichrist, and according to these great religious men, he will bear the emblem of 666. Many, because this number is used, intentionally or not I don't know, relate this personal data to the Antichrist. Christ came that we may have freedom of thought, movement and life. That which binds our freedom cannot be tolerated."

Further he asked: "Since the Citizen's Card was coming, why was there chaos with the new identification card years ago? The Church is concerned, not acutely, but with prudence and wisdom, without being in a hurry to draw people to the streets to react. They said they would take into account the position of the Church. If they keep their word, we have nothing to fear."

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