November 23, 2010

Poland May Have World’s Largest Jesus Statue

November 23, 2010

Polish locals unveiled what may be the largest Jesus statue in the world. The statue is located in Swiebodzin, Poland. Reverend Sylwester Zawadzki created the statue. The statue stands at 108 feet tall. That is the equivalent of 33 meters. However, others say the statue sits much taller if you count the base. The Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro is 125 feet tall. The Polish statue could be as high as 167 feet depending on where the measurement is started.

The reverend that came up with the statue chose the height to specifically match the meters with the number of years Christ lived.

However, many seem more interested in gaining notoriety for having the highest statue. The Jesus statue is also wearing a crown, which adds to the height.

However, Reverend Zawadzki is content with the 33 meters of the statue itself. The recently completed statue has attracted tons of tourists to the small community.