November 27, 2010

A Debate On Ecumenism In the Metropolis of Beroea

According to, an internet debate has been ensuing in the Metropolis of Beroea between Archimandrite Paul Dimitrakopoulos and the clergy of the Metropolis. Fr. Paul has been criticizing Metropolitan Panteleimon publicly for being an "Ecumenist", that is, a heretic who believes the various Christian bodies should unite, dialogue and pray with one another. The clergy of the Metropolis as well as the Metropolitan himself are in turn criticizing Fr. Paul for his "scandalizing the faithful", anachronistic views, fanaticism, etc.

The link below contains the two letters (in Greek) written by Fr. Paul stating his case, which he claims to base his arguments on such eminent contemporary Holy Fathers, such as Elder Paisios the Athonite, St. Justin Popovich and Elder Sophrony of Essex. Below that in the same link is the text by the Clergy of the Metropolis of Beroea dated from October 29th, 2010 in which they clarify their position against Fr. Paul's text which is being distributed over the internet. They make clear that the clergy of the Metropolis respect Fr. Paul for his zeal for Orthodoxy, but that they cannot accept his fanaticism. They explain that they have never participated in any form of heretical Ecumenism, but that the measures of Fr. Paul have more to do with the fact that the Metropolitan of Beroea has not been outspoken against Ecumenism. Because of the unfounded harsh criticism issued against his hierarch and the scandalous messages he has been vocalizing throughout the Metropolis which have troubled many people, the clergy have asked Fr. Paul to take down his text from the internet, but he has not listened and thus been removed from the Metropolis.

The full text is here.