November 21, 2010

Iconography of the Entrance of the Theotokos at Hilandari Monastery

Hilandari Monastery (Chilandari or Hilandar) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery on Mount Athos in Greece, founded in 1198 by the monk Simeon Nemanja (Stefan Nemanja, King of Serbia from 1168 to 1196) and his son Sava (St. Sava Nemanjic, 1174-1235, first Serbian archibishop and author).

The Katholikon is the principal church of the Hilandar Monastery and is dedicated to the Entrance of the Virgin Mary Into the Temple (Nov. 21). It was built in 1293 and rebuilt in the 14th century by King Milutin of Serbia. The katholikon also has an older marble sanctuary screen behind the more modern one of carved wood.

More can be read about the katholikon here.