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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Cell "Axion Estin" on Mount Athos

Though the miraculous icon of "Axion Estin" is today housed in the Protaton Church in Karyes of Mount Athos, the Cell in which the revelation of the Archangel Gabriel took place is a shrine of great veneration by both pilgrims and inhabitants of the Holy Mountain. The Cell is in Kapsala, not too far from Karyes. It was here that the Archangel Gabriel appeared to a monk in the 10th century and revealed the beloved hymn of "Axion Estin". Unfortunately in recent decades monks had joined the schismatic Old Calendarists years ago, eventualy leaving the Cell two years ago abandoned after over 1,000 years of continuous habitation. However Hieromonk Diodoros has taken it upon himself to inhabit the Cell recently and return it to the canonical Church and in communion with the rest of Mount Athos.

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