November 24, 2010

8th Century Church In Turkey Put Up For Sale

The church is dedicated to the Archangels and is one of the three oldest churches in the area. It was built some time between 780 and 797 during the reign of Constantine Porphyrogennetos.

November 23, 2010

One of the most ancient Christian churches in the world is offered for sale in Turkey.

The Turkish authorities have not allowed businessman Meta Yalcin from Istanbul to renovate the church constructed in 780-797. Thus, the businessman, who had bought the church 10 years ago, decided to sell it, CNN-Turk reported.

The head of Kumkoy rural administration, where the church is located, expressed desire to buy the church, saying, however, that the price asked for it is too high.

“The church is offered for sale for 400,000 Turkish liras (around $285,000), what is too much. If the church is sold for 200,000 Turkish liras (around $142,000), we will buy it,” said head of Kumkoy rural administration Razim Batmaz.

Hundreds of tourists annually visit Kumkoy village of Bursa province to see the church, which has been transferred into ruins.

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