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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Synaxis of the Achaean Saints

The Sunday before the feast of the Holy Apostle Andrew is dedicated to the Saints who shined with holiness in the land of Achaea. Among these Saints are the following:

1. Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called (November 30), who was martyred in Patras in 62 AD.

2. Holy Apostle Luke the Evangelist (October 18), who preached in Achaea and according to tradition wrote Acts of the Apostles there.

3. Holy Apostle Herodian (November 10 and March 28), one of the seventy and bishop of Patras.

4. Holy Apostle Sosipater (April 29), one of the seventy and was born in Achaea.

5. Holy Martyr Myron (August 17), who served as a priest in Achaea.

6. St. Artemios the Great Martyr (October 20)

7. St. Ascholios (or Acholios), Bishop of Thessaloniki (January 23)

8. St. Paul, Abbot of the Rhaithou martyrs (January 14)

9. St. Athanasios, Bishop of Methoni (December 10)

10. St. Joseph the Hymnographer (April 3)

11. St. Elias Sikelaiotis (August 17)

12. St. Elias Spilaiotis and Arsenios (September 11)

13. St. Daniel of the Castle in Patras (June 23)

14. Holy Martyr Olympia (May 11)

15. St. Savvas of Vatopaidi (June 15)

16. St. Zachariah the New Martyr (January 20)

17. St. Joachim Notenon (July 3)

18. Righteous Martyr Paul (May 22)

19. Sts. Anastasia, Christodoulos and those New Martyrs with them (Tuesday of Bright Week)

And many others...

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