Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Holy Martyrs Victorinos, Victor, Nikephoros, Claudios, Diodoros, Sarapinos and Pappias of Corinth

Sts. Victorinos, Victor, Nikephoros, Claudios, Diodoros, Sarapinos, Pappias (Feast Day - January 31)


To Victorinos, Victor, Nikephoros
In a smooth stone the members of the three nobles are crushed,
The three perceiving the bodily members of Christ.

To Claudios
Claudios made a good sacrifice to the Lord,
From his body giving his hands and feet.

To Diodoros
In the furnace surrounded by pain,
Entered Diodoros the Martyr and he was crowned.

To Sarapinos
I bear the sword constraining fear,
And how will God bear me Sarapinos.

Tp Pappias
Pappias bathed in the sea a bitter bath,
And the sweetness of higher delights he gained.

These Saints came from Corinth, and lived during the reign of Emperor Decius (249-251). They were arrested because of their Christian confession and faith, and they were brought before Tertius the proconsul, who had authority over the Morea. After punishing them with various torments, each received a different martyric death.

Saints Victorinos, Victor and Nikephoros, the three together, were placed inside a large mortar, and all the members of their body were broken, and they delivered their souls into the hands of God. Saint Claudios had his hands and feet cut off, and he came to an end. Saint Diodoros was put into a fiery furnace, and came to the end of his martyrdom. Saint Sarapinos was beheaded by the sword. And finally Saint Pappias was cast into the depths of the sea. All of them received crowns of martyrdom from the Lord.

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