July 15, 2022

Synaxarion of the Finding of the Honorable Head of our Venerable Mother Matrona of Chios

 By St. Nikephoros of Chios


On the 15th of this month [July], we commemorate the finding of the honorable Head of our Venerable Mother Matrona of Chios.


You departed the world completely unworldly,
The virgin approaching Christ as a bride.
On the fifteenth the head of Matrona was taken from the earth.

A sufficient amount of years passed after the death and burial of the Saint, and her miracles, as a bottomless well, were increasing for those who came with faith to her temple (those bound came from everywhere and received their desired health). The people of Chios, whose children are tenderly loved by the Saint, wanted to restore her sacred temple, and they made it spacious, so that the crowds can go through the entrance. In an attempt to move her grave, they found inside her holy Head, as an inviolate treasure, a wealth that cannot be taken away, and they breathed in a wondrous fragrance, which everyone could smell. At the time it was found, many miracles occurred - a paralytic stood up, and a stammering woman rose from her bed glorifying God with clear words, on her own behalf and on behalf of the paralytic that was healed. These and other things always take place until today by the Saint, which is why the commemoration of the finding was established to be celebrated today, for our benefit, and the honor and glory of the Saint, and those who have been healed by God glorify him.

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
Chios your fatherland, is now joyful, for you are an offshoot, of its dirt, and with gladness it cries out hymns to you, Matrona my pride and boast, for you give healing to the sick without charge, glorious Venerable, cease not to intercede to the Lord, to save those who with longing sing your hymns.

Kontakion in the Third Tone
A place of healing without charge, and an amazing spring of miracles, has your temple shown to be, divinely-minded Matrona, all those who approach it with faith, draw forth healing for the soul and body, crying out joyfully: Rejoice, Venerable wonderworker of the Lord.

Rejoice, O God-like Matrona, ornament and rule, of venerable virgins, rejoice, radiant lamp, of self-control, rejoice, divine beauty, of the island of Chios.