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July 28, 2022

I Named Him Chrysovalantis to Always Remember the Gift You Gave Me: A Miracle of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou

Chrysovalantou and Chrysovalantis Sotiropoulos

My Saint Chrysovalantou Irene, I also come to thank you for the miracle you did for me too.

I have been married for nine years and after around five years we made the decision to have a child as well, but things did not turn out as we expected. We tried for quite some time without success, when we made the decision to do tests, which unfortunately showed that my husband had a problem and the doctors said was that we will not have a child if we do not do IVF.

When I heard this I lost the ground under my feet, because I never thought that something like this would happen to me in my 28 years. Six months after the exams and without expecting it, I became pregnant naturally. My joy was indescribable, but it only lasted two months. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage and from then on my psychology was very bad.

In 2012 we made the decision to do the intervention. We were told that it would succeed because I was young. So it happened. We did the operation and they put 3 embryos in me.

Unfortunately, however, the in vitro fertilization failed without being told any serious reason. It simply failed, was their answer.

After that I started not to hope for anything and unfortunately not to believe that I will ever become a mother, in contrast to my husband who started to pray daily and to hope.

Little by little I began again to pray to you, my Saint, and to beg you to give me a baby that I wanted so much and I promised to give him your sweet name, Chrysovalantis, so that I would always remember the gift you gave me.

February 2014 I suddenly learned that I am pregnant. I did not believe it. I was looking at the result and I said it can't be, it must be wrong.

My Saint Irene, you performed your miracle and placed your miraculous hand on me to become pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy, I crossed myself with your miraculous oil and wore the belt I had taken from your Monastery.

I also kept a fast and ate your apple with my husband. When the time came to give birth, I held your icon in my hand the whole time and wore the prayer rope with the 33 knots on my wrist. Everything went well and I finally held my adorable baby in my arms.

A thousand thanks, my Saint Irene Chrysovalantou.

Always have my Chrysovalantaki under your protection and give health and joy to the whole world.

The beneficiary,

Chrysovalantou Sotiropoulos

Melissia, Athens
Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.
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