July 9, 2022

Photos of the Home and Parish Church of the Holy Neomartyr Michael Paknanas the Gardner

The first photo above is the residence of the Holy Neomartyr Michael Paknanas in the old quarter of Vlassaros (Vrisaki) in the ancient Agora near the Church of Saint Philip and the adjacent Church of Panagia Vlassaros (first photo below), which ware also located in the archaeological site of the ancient Agora and where the Neomartyr worshiped. All the original buildings have now been demolished.

The Church of Panagia Vlassaros was demolished during excavations in the ancient Agora, in the years 1932-1937. The icons and holy vessels of Panagia Vlassaros were transferred to the Church of Saint Philip, whose current structure was built in 1961 (photos below). It is here that the memory of Saint Michael Paknanas the Gardner is solemnly celebrated.