July 28, 2022

Saint Irene Chrysovalantou as a Generous Physician: A Miracle Story

My Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, I also come with tears in my eyes to thank you for the miracles you performed in my family. Praise be to God and the Most Holy Theotokos, who enriched you with such grace, Generous Saint, to perform miracles and heal human pain.

The first miracle is that with your help I gave birth to my first baby girl Chrysovalantou.

You performed the second miracle on my Maria, when she was three years old. The greatest miracle happened again to my Maria at sixteen years of age.

It was August and me and her father had gone on vacation. Every day she called me and told me how her little head hurts. I was scared and told her to come to us there. The pain continued and suddenly her right eye began to blur and she could not see at all.

I went straight to the ophthalmologist and luckily for us he was also coming back from his vacation. My little girl was examined and the eyes was clear. The problem was in the nerves, he told us: retrobulbar optic neuritis. He sent us to the hospital and she was hospitalized for five days. All the time I was begging the Panagia and Saint Irene Chrysovalantou that everything would go well.

I fasted and gave the apple to my little girl. All the tests were done, but a test where they took fluid from her waist showed something worryingly autoimmune. My sadness was great, but my faith was even greater. I dedicated my little girl to Saint Irene Chrysovalantou.

The next day I take my girls and we come to the Monastery. We lit candles, brought the vows to the Icon and begged with all our hearts to help us, as she helps the whole world who ask it with faith.

Night fell, the nuns closed the doors and I and my girls said our prayer and slept in the Monastery Guest House. You then came to my sleep, my Sweet Saint, as you are in your icon, but dressed in white as a nurse. I and my Maria were standing and you, my Saint, asked me "Why did you bring the girl?" "Something is wrong with her little head," I told you.

Then you put your holy hands on her little head and my Maria started to cry out loud. And You, my Saint, turned to me and said: "Take your girl, she is very healthy." I got up in the morning and told my girls that I saw you alive in bodily form.

We left for the village happy. We went to the doctor to get the tests. The doctor examined my Maria, looked at the examinations and said: "Take your girl, she is very healthy".

My Generous Physician, the doctor gave me the answer in the same words as your grace told me in my dream.

My joy was indescribable, to cry, to laugh, I could not describe my happiness.

I vowed to bring you my little girl to venerate your Miraculous Icon. A whole year passed and my little girl never presented a problem again. She is in perfect health, thanks to You, my Healer.

I love you very much, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whenever I need you, you come and help us. May you always be a guardian angel in our lives. Protect us and the whole world.

With infinite gratitude,

The mother
Anastasia Gudelitsa

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.