July 28, 2022

Five Testimonials of the Miraculous Grace of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou

My Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, I venerate you. My deep gratitude to your miraculous grace cannot be expressed in words.

A warm thanksgiving comes from my heart, from the heart of a suffering mother whom You helped and saved her child.

My daughter Eleni at the age of 6 suddenly had convulsions. I started taking her to the doctors at the clinics, but I didn't see any difference.

Then I began to think that the only savior of my child is the savior of the whole world, Jesus Christ. From one church I went to another, until I heard about your miraculous grace.

Faith and hope nestled in my aching soul that with your prayers Jesus Christ will help my child. I also came to your grace and venerated your miraculous Icon.

My child is fine now. She goes to school and plays casually with the other children and glorifies you.

As a small token of my gratitude, I vowed to give your name to my fourth angel that I was waiting to bring into the world.

He is now 14 months old and has your name. My belief that you will always be close to us is great and we all thank you.

With infinite gratitude,

E. S.

March 1977

+ + +

Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, I also come in my turn to write the miracle that happened to my daughter-in-law and to thank you. She was ill with neurological problems. She had recovered and married my son and when she became pregnant, she gave birth to a baby girl.

After the birth, however, she got sick again and couldn't look after her child, so I was forced to raise her myself.

Day and night I begged Christ, the Panagia and You, my Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, to make her well.

We came to the Monastery and with much pain and tears I venerated your Icon, my Saint Irene Chrysovalantou. When we returned to Germany, one day when I put my granddaughter to sleep, I also fell asleep next to the child.

I then saw a dream that I was in your Monastery, my Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, and I was venerating your Icon and crying and begging. And coming out of the church I stopped, and I saw you, my Saint, as you are pictured on the cover of your Magazine and I heard you say to me: "Why are you crying?" And I answered: "How can I not cry, my daughter-in-law is sick in the hospital." Then you said to me: "Don't worry, your daughter-in-law will be fine. Ever since you came here and named her, I've had her on my prayer rope. If the prayer rope with which I pray ends, she will be fine."

Then I answered you: "When will your prayer rope end?" The prayer rope is as big as your height."* And, you, my Saint, answered me: "There are not many left yet, that is, there are about fifty knots left." And you showed me with your hands, repeating "that if these knots are finished, then your daughter-in-law will be well."

And I turned and said to you: "But to finish these knots, my Saint, I think it will take two and a half to three years."

"Yes, that's what it takes," you answered and turned and left.

After this apparition of the Saint, we all came together again to the Monastery in Lykovrisi and to the Megalochari in Tinos and venerated.

The miracle happened and my daughter-in-law got well. I will glorify God, the Panagia and Saint Irene Chrysovalantou for the miracle done for us that my daughter-in-law was restored to her health, and I thank her warmly. May she have us under her protection and covering.

Maria Dimitriadou


* St. Irene Chrysovalantou often appears as a tall nun holding a prayer rope with 300 knots.

+ + +

And Mrs. Pege Antipa from Kefallonia expresses herself in verses thanking the Saint:

Divine grace pushed me,

to a Monastery

where the Saint works miracles

and gives health.

Located in Lykovrysi,

in a big castle

with open entrance,

and reception full.

In there she often receives,

each visitor

to help them tenderly,

and to accompany them.

The name is called,

Monastery of St. Irene Chrysovalantou

peaceful names,

behold its miracles.

One night when I was sleeping,

without understanding

I was bitten by an insect

and I was about to die.

I lost my senses,

I was in unbearable pain

not even a word from my mouth

I could get out.

I mentally pleaded,

Christ our Jesus

to help me get to dawn,

and daylight to see.

And suddenly there appeared before me,

a holy apparition

That gave me constant courage,

with her sweet form.

She put her hand gently,

in my ear the painful one

and whispered her name to me

saying: "I am near you, I am healing you."

Soon I opened my eyes,

and I kept recovering

but I didn't see her in front of me,

only that she gave me light.

The miracle she did for me,

I will faithfully adore her

in her sacred Temple

I'll be there soon.

To venerate her reverently,

to thank her

her apple for me to taste,

my vow to leave.

You came to me unexpectedly,

pure benefactor

and you brought me back to life

with God's grace.

To your sacred icon,

with a poor candle

on my knees I will venerate,

with a big thank you.

The miracle you did for me

I will never forget

I will proclaim it wherever I am,

with great courage.

I will always call on you,

I will always thank you

and I will light a candle,

on your throne the adored.

Always have me by your side,

like the mother the child

and give me your strength,

in every difficult moment.

The beneficiary

Pege Antipa


+ + +

My Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me and my family.

My mother, after five years of trying to get pregnant, unfortunately did not succeed. She had heard about the holy apple of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou and a friend of hers gave it to her, who told her to fast for three days and eat it.

When she took it in her hands, at first she didn't believe in the Saint and left it locked in a drawer for a while. One day after a long time, accidentally opening the drawer, she suddenly inhaled a wonderful fragrance, which she did not understand at first where it came from. When she looked in the drawer to see where this incredible fragrance came from, she found the apple of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou!!! She began to cry, repented that she did not believe from the beginning, fasted, and ate the holy apple. And immediately she got pregnant with me!

I would also like to mention one more incident that happened to me and in which the help of the Saint seems to be inseparable! I was seven years old, when a friend of my mother's had visited us at home. This lady claimed that she was an atheist and that she did not believe in anything. As I listened to the conversation they had with my mother, who was trying to talk to her about our religion in order to change her mind, I begged Saint Irene for something to happen and for my mother's friend to believe.

In a few minutes, where I was playing, I fell down and hit some iron object in the sternum. When I got up I couldn't catch my breath! My mother and her friend, but also the rest of the people who were at our house for a visit, were worried. They asked me what happened to me, but I couldn't even speak, I couldn't breathe! Then I lost my consciousness and fell to the floor unconscious.

The strange thing was that at the same moment I could see my body from above, and I could see that I had started to bruise. I cannot explain this experience. My mother panicked. I could see her from above, as if I were somewhere in the ceiling, crying in panic and not knowing what to do.

Suddenly she takes me in her arms and lifts me up three times, saying each time "My Saint Irene, help us!" I saw and heard all this and I was out of my body, from the same height, from above.

When she said it the third time, holding me in her arms, "My Saint Irene, help me!", suddenly, I felt that I was inside my body again, in my mother's arms, having my consciousness, being perfectly well, breathing normally and I said to my mother with complete naturalness: "What are you doing, mom, I'm fine"! Of course, everyone believed in Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, everyone who was at our house that day and was present at this incident. Especially my mother's friend, who until then claimed that she does not believe in God, changed her mind and said to my mother: "Photini, you were right. God exists!"

Of course, they immediately took me to the hospital, to see if I was really okay, but the doctors said that I didn't have anything serious, but in fact the fall I had and the fact that I hit my sternum, was the reason why I couldn't breathe.

My Saint Irene, if it weren't for You, I probably would have died that day. I was saved by a miracle, by your miracle and it was so clear that everyone who was present that day also believed in the accident I had.

Of course, about forty years have passed since then, but I think it is my duty to speak about the greatness of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou and about the unfailing help she offered me when I was young.

I thank you from the depths of my soul, my Saint Irene, and I ask you to protect my family and all those who need you.

Thank you so much!

Chrysovalantou Voulaga

Kato Toumpa, Thessaloniki

+ + +

My Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, I am also your humble servant who you helped whenever I called on you.

My young son suffered from spastic hemorrhagic bronchitis at the age of only six years. He was in a poor condition with vomiting and high fever. The pediatrician happened to be away on a trip and we had to ask for help from another doctor. He told me that I was playing with my child's life.

Then an aunt of mine came and brought me a Magazine of yours to read, my Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, oil from your vigil lamp, holy water, as well as your blessed apple.

Since then twenty-five years ago, your medicines are not missing from my house. I also subscribed to your Magazine and I read it with faith and reverence.

After I crossed my child, I took him to the Clinic, of course, as the other doctor told me, but he did not stay because your grace reached him and healed him. I took him home perfectly healthy.

Another time, my husband suddenly fell ill with a high fever, the soles of his feet swelled and he could not walk at all. The palms of his hands were swollen and he could not hold the spoon to eat. We took him to the hospital where he stayed for nine days and did not see any improvement. The doctors decided to send him to Athens.

The day before we left for Athens, I took your oil, my Saint, I anointed his sore spots, he drank holy water and I gave him the piece of apple to take in the hope that your grace will help him.

The next day we left for Athens and after he was hospitalized for only one day, to the surprise of the doctors, the fever went down, the swelling in his hands and feet went away. And the doctors told us how we could leave since he was now fine.

I will mention another miracle.

For seven months I was hoarse and I was constantly on medication. I now thought I had a bad illness. I came to Athens and after first passing by your Monastery and venerating your miraculous Icon, I went to the Hospital for examinations.

Throughout the trip I was begging for everything to come out negative. I crossed my neck, drank holy water and oil from your lamp and went to the doctor. Everything went well and now I'm fine.

Yet another miracle of yours. My little girl was growing up with open feet. I was afraid how she will walk wrong. I left it to your grace, my Saint, and then I couldn't believe my eyes. Now she is a girl like a lamp. Thank you very much, my Sweet Saint.

Katerina Kontou

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.