July 26, 2022

Fr. John Kalaides and the Miracle of Saint Paraskevi

 By Miltiadis Tsesmetzis, Teacher

In the village of Sintiki in the prefecture of Serres, where the holy father lived, there is a Chapel of Saint Paraskevi, at the foot of the mountain. Because the area has many chapels, where many miracles took place, my grandfather used to tell us that this place is a second Mount Athos!

So he [Fr. John Kalaides ] once told us:

"At the foot of the mountain (Beles), there is a very old Chapel of Saint Paraskevi. We got permission from the archaeological service to repair it and the old roof of the church had to be removed. The feast of the Saint was approaching and I was wondering how we were going to do the Divine Liturgy without the roof, because it was very hot. They had placed a small tent for me, in the sanctuary. Then I said: 'Saint Paraskevi, how will the old women stand in the sun? Please do your miracle!' The day of the feast came and during the Divine Liturgy, a little cloud came and stood above the faithful until the end of the service! It dissolved when everyone left!"

This moving miracle, as told to us by the elder, moved us and established in us the certainty that we had before us a sanctified Father of the Church!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.