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July 28, 2022

Great Is the Grace of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou: A Miracle Story

Chrysovalantou (left) and her mother Varsamo (right)

Great is the grace of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou. Thank you for the miracle you did for me and my daughter.

While I was fine, I suddenly had a phobia from an earthquake that happened in the area where I lived. Then the torture of my health began, because the nerves of my brain were affected and I was in so much pain that I could not sleep. For six months, my everyday life became a torture.

I went to the doctor and he gave me some pills, but he told me that the problem of the nerves in the head is not a simple thing, because our whole body works from our brain.

And he assured me that I had to take the pills for years.

I did the treatment for a while and recovered a bit, but as soon as I stopped taking the pills the health problem reappeared.

Then I made the big decision to pray with great faith to Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, to throw away the pills and leave it to her. I wanted to have a second child, but my health problem didn't allow it.

Then I told her with tears in my eyes that if I get pregnant the child I will have I will give it her holy name.

I immediately became pregnant and throughout my pregnancy the Saint supported me and gave me strength, because every time I changed months I saw her in a vision and she showed me as if on a giant ultrasound screen how my baby was growing and she said to me: "Look how your child is growing, your Chrysovalantou is healthy."

And that's how I gave birth to a cute healthy baby girl, my Chrysovalantou.

After the birth of my Chrysovalantou, the Saint also started intensive treatment of the nerves of my brain.

So I saw in my dream her grace again and after she brought me in front of a sink, "bend down here" she said to me and she started hitting me on the spine and in a sweet voice saying to me:

“Spit, child, don't stop. Keep spitting and don't be afraid, spit..." And I started to spit out some yellow liquid from my mouth and when I woke up I felt very light in my head and I believed that the Saint was freeing me from my illness in this way.

And from then on I started to strongly feel the presence of the Saint and to feel healthier. Because every now and then I saw in my sleep two lily-like hands coming and wanting to squeeze my head, I woke up, but also - O the miracle! - the Saint started the intensive treatment of my head. And what was this cure? Listen to be surprised.

I felt like something like an electric drill was going through the back of my head in a circle and I felt a sweet pain only in the nerves of my head, and it felt like a wound was healing.

And while I was waking up and after my morning prayer, I continued to feel the healing of my nerves in this way by the Saint, which lasted sometimes half an hour and sometimes three quarters, and I said: "My Saint, you heal me and I will do my housework. I love you very much."

My healing by my Saint continues even now after so many years, since my Chrysovalantou is 15 years old, and I praise God who sent me a healing physician, the Great Healer Saint Irene Chrysovalantou.

I will tell you about another miracle that shocked me and it has to do with my daughter Chrysovalantou.

We had gone to have lunch in a tavern as a family and my Chrysovalantou was then almost two years old and was playing close to us.

In this tavern, however, there was a hole with a height of approximately two meters. The tavern was high and from there they threw the cases of beer and wine, when they were finished, so that the employees would not go up and down.

While we were sitting and eating, I was afraid that my little one would fall from there and I was very careful, but in a moment the child escaped me and fell through that hole.

Everyone at that time stood shocked and I was so shocked that I stood like a petrified statue and only found the strength to shout out loud: "Hasten to my child and save her, my Saint Irene Chrysovalantou!" Chrysovalantou was not heard crying at all. Then my husband who was also shocked went to see what happened to our child.

And he saw her - O your miracle, my Great Saint - you who hasten like a golden-winged eagle, as it is mentioned in a hymn written for you by one of your nuns:

"Like a golden-winged eagle
you hasten, Saint
and when they call upon your name,
you make hearts golden."

He saw her, I say, beyond the thrown cases squatting and laughing as she waited and without a trace of blood or injury.

That night I begged Saint Irene Chrysovalantou to give me a sign that my child might have suffered from something internal, while I took her to a doctor and he examined her and replied that my little one was fine, she did not show anything to worry about.

So I see the Saint again in my dream and she said to me: "Don't be sad, your Chrysovalantou is perfectly healthy. I was there and I took her in my embrace" - and she showed me her embrace with her white lily-like hands - "and I held her all the way down."

And she continued to tell me: "The child was small and the height was great. If it was another child, it would be in the hospital now.

You must know that I love all children, but one bit more my Chrysovalantakia and I am by their side and protect them all their life."

Then we made the decision to come as a family to her grace in the Monastery, to venerate her miraculous Icon and to thank her. However, I decided not to take Chrysovalantou with me, because I didn't want her to suffer during the trip because she was small. However, her godmother called me and with tears in her eyes she told me that she saw a black-clad Saint saying to her: "I am Saint Irene Chrysovalantou and you are to tell Varsamo that if she doesn't take Chrysovalantou with her, she shouldn't come at all." During the trip and in the Monastery, my little girl was an angel.

My Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, you are the patroness of my family. We will always praise God who enriched you with this miraculous grace and we will be grateful to you for the rest of our lives. Your grace is great. Amen.

The beneficiary,

Varsamo Dermentzakis

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.