January 6, 2020

Theophany Around the World Resource Page

Theophany Around the World

Theophany 2010: The Orthodox World Celebrates

Theophany 2011: The Orthodox World Celebrates

Theophany 2012: Orthodox Christians Celebrate the Epiphany

Theophany 2013: The Orthodox World Celebrates

Theophany in Mount Athos

Theophany At the Athonite Monastery of Iveron in 2009 (video)

Theophany At Three Athonite Monasteries (videos)

A Theophany Miracle At Iveron Monastery (video)

Theophany in Greece

Epiphany Customs and Traditions Abound In Greece

Theophany in Xanthi from 1900 till Today (photos & video)

Traditional Greek Theophany Carols

Theophany in Cyprus

The Last Theophany in Famagusta, Cyprus Before the Occupation of 1974 (video)

Theophany in Russia

Photos: Theophany...On Ice

Russian Orthodox Icy Plunge

Video: An Ice-Cold Dip For Theophany In Moscow

Russia's Trend For Dipping Children In Frozen Rivers

Theophany in the Icy Waters of Russia

Theophany in Georgia

Georgian Patriarch Baptizes 560 Children

Theophany in the Holy Land

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Theophany in Israel

210,000 Pilgrims Visited Jordan River in 2010

Jordan River 'Too Polluted' For Baptism Pilgrims

Site of Jesus' Baptism Literally Remains a Minefield

Documentary on the True Site of Jesus' Baptism

Greek Orthodox Monasteries of the Holy Land (Documentary)

Jesus Baptism Site Sparks a Debate in Mideast

Israeli Baptism Site to Open Near Dead Sea

Russian Pilgrims Flock to Jordan River

Russian President Medvedev Baptized In the Jordan