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Saints and Feasts of March 28

Friday, January 5, 2018

Saints and Feasts of January 5

On the fifth Theopemptos departed this life by the sword.

(Fasting Day)

The Eve of Holy Theophany

The Eve of Holy Theophany (Day Four)

The Theophany Eve Fast on January 5th

Clarifications and Guidelines for the Observation of Theophany

A Homily of Basil the Great to be Read on the Day Before Theophany

Forefeast of Theophany Resource Page

Holy Martyrs Theopemptos and Theonas

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Theopemptos and Theonas

Saint Theonas: From Pagan Magician to Martyr of Christ

Venerable Syncletike

Life and Sayings of our Holy Mother Syncletike of Alexandria

The Beautiful Virgin Who Hid St. Athanasius the Great for Six Years

Correspondences Between the Life of Anthony the Great and the Life of Syncletike of Alexandria

On the Evils That Proceed from Rejecting Free Will (St. Syncletike of Alexandria)

Venerable Gregory of Akritas

Saint Gregory of Akritas (+ 820)

Venerable Phosterios

Synaxarion of our Venerable Father Phosterios the Hermit

Holy Martyr Sais

Holy Martyr Sais

Holy Martyr Theoeidos

Holy Martyr Theoeidos

Venerable Domnina

Venerable Domnina

Venerable Tatiana

Venerable Tatiana

Venerable Menas of Sinai

Venerable Menas of Sinai

Holy New Venerable Martyr Romanos of Karpenesion

Holy New Martyr Romanos of Karpenesion (+ 1694)

The Glorious Vision to Saint Akakios of the Holy New Martyr Romanos

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