January 27, 2018

Saint Demetrianos the Wonderworker, Bishop of Tamassos

St. Demetrianos of Tamassos (Feast Day - January 27)

We do not know when Saint Demetrianos lived, but it was probably in the early centuries of Christianity in Cyprus when idolatry still prevailed. He was born in Tamassos, was a Christian from his youth, and loved Christ with all his soul. When the priest of the village became ill, the Bishop of Tamassos ordained Demetrianos a priest. To the faithful he was a spiritual father and guide, to orphans he was a protector, to the sick he was a consoling brother. For this reason when the Bishop of Tamassos died, he was elected to become his successor.

We know based on old ruins of a church dedicated to Saint Demetrianos in Pera as well as an old booklet containing a divine office in his name for his feast on January 27th, that he was honored after his death by the people of the region of Tamassos. He was a model of virtue and a worker of wonders and miracles. Women especially still visit the ruins of his church in Pera, where they light an oil lamp and seek his help for their various problems and troubles. One such miracle is the following:

A Christian from Pera was building a house for himself, and to do so he took some stones from the ruins of the church of the Saint that belonged to the roof to use for his own roof. He also thought about going the next day to pick up other chipped stones used for the pilaster of the door of the church, also to use in the construction of his own house. That night the Saint appeared to him with a stern look, but this did not phase the man so he returned to the church the next day and took other stones. That night the Saint appeared to him again sternly due to his disobedience. Not to repeat his wicked action again, the Saint then slapped him once on his right side and another time on his left. The result of this punishment was that he woke up the next day deaf, which he remained for the rest of his life. And the rest of the stones he did not dare to go and get. The man's house, which still stands today, can still be observed to have different stones from that of his own door pilaster, which are stones used from the church.

On 3 September 2016, a new church was consecrated in honor of the Saint in Pera Oreinis, and his relics were transferred there. This fulfilled many people's heartfelt desire to compliment the shrine built over the ruins of the old church.

Apolytikion in the First Tone
The boast of Cyprus, President of Tamassos, protector and guardian of Pera, you are shown to be, our Father Demetrianos, for you once gave light to the blind, giving the far-shining light, and he cried out: To Him who gave me light, Glory to You. Glory to God Who was pleased with you, glory to Him Who made you wondrous, glory to Him Who works through you these signs.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
Successor of Herakleides to the throne, and the miracles by divine grace as the light of the sun, you illumined Cyprus, O Demetrianos, a divinely sweet life and most sweet words, wherefore you bravely turned, away from the error of idols, and you caused Christ to dwell in souls, as a hierarch shining with light.

Rejoice hierarch of Tamassos, who destroyed the error of idols, with words of wisdom, increasing the harvest of the Lord, with the streams of your miracles, blessed man of God.