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January 26, 2018

Saints and Feasts of January 26

Xenophon with his wife and children died on the twenty-sixth.

Venerable Xenophontos with his wife Maria 
and his children Arcadius and John 

Venerable Symeon the Ancient

Saint Symeon the Ancient

Holy Martyrs Ananias the Presbyter, 
Peter the Prison Guard 
and the Seven Soldiers With Them

Holy Martyrs Ananias the Presbyter, Peter the Prison Guard and the Seven Soldiers With Them

Venerable Ammonas

Life and Sayings of Holy Abba Ammonas the Bishop

Venerable Gabriel

Saint Gabriel, Abbot of the Monastery of Saint Stephen in Jerusalem (+ c. 490)

Holy Two Martyrs of Phrygia

Holy Two Martyrs of Phrygia

Saint Paula of Rome

Life of Saint Paula of Rome (St. Jerome)

Venerable Clement the Stylite of Mount Sagmata

Saint Clement the Stylite of Mount Sagmata (+ 1111)

Venerable Germanos of Sagmata

Saint Germanos of Sagmata in Boeotia (+ 1540)

Venerable Xenophon of Robeika

Saint Xenophon of Robeika (+ 1262)

Saint David, King of Georgia

Saint David IV, “the Restorer,” King of Georgia

Holy Hierarch Joseph the Merciful, 
Metropolitan of Moldova
Venerable Martyr Maria of Gatchina
Commemoration of the Great Earthquake 
(mid-5th cent.)

Commemoration of the Great Earthquake of Constantinople (mid-5th cent.)

Earthquakes in the Synaxarion of the Orthodox Church

Translation of the Sacred Relics of 
Saint Theodore the Studite (844)

Translation of the Relics of Saint Theodore the Studite in 844

Saint Theodore the Studite Resource Page