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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Saints and Feasts of January 14

On the fourteenth the Abbas were slain with the sword.

Leavetaking of Holy Theophany

Orthodox Theophany Resource Page

Holy Thirty-Eight Fathers Massacred at Mount Sinai

Thirty-Eight Holy Fathers Massacred at Mount Sinai

The Holy Fathers Slain at Massacred and Raithu

Holy Thirty-Three Fathers Massacred at Raithu

Thirty-Three Holy Fathers Massacred at Raithu

The Holy Fathers Massacred at Sinai and Raithu

Venerable Theodoulos, the Son of Saint Nilus of Sinai

Saint Theodoulos, the Son of Saint Nilus of Sinai

Venerable Stephen, 
Founder of Chenolakkos Monastery

Synaxarion of Saint Stephen, Founder of Chenolakkos Monastery

Holy Martyr Agnes

Holy Martyr Agnes

Venerable Sava, First Archbishop of Serbia 
and Founder of the Sacred Monastery of Hilandari

Saint Sava of Serbia Resource Page

Saint Nina, Enlightener of Georgia 
and Equal to the Apostles

Saint Nina of Georgia Resource Page

Saint Kentigern, Bishop of Strathclyde

Saint Kentigern, the First Bishop of Glasgow, Scotland (+ 612)

Holy New Hieromartyr Platon and with him 
Protopresbyters Michael and Nicholas of Estonia

Life and Martyrdom of Hieromartyr Platon, Bishop of Tallinn (+ 1919)

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