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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Saint Dionysios of Olympus Resource Page

St. Dionysios of Olympus (Feast Day - January 23)


In the flesh you lived as if fleshless father,
And now you delight together with the fleshless intelligences.

Saint Dionysios of Olympus (+ 1541)

Demonology in the Life of Saint Dionysios of Olympus

Saint Dionysios and the Bears of Mount Olympus

2 Miracles of Saint Dionysios of Olympus

The Holy Monastery of Saint Dionysios of Mount Olympus

The Highest Altitude Orthodox Chapel in All of Greece and the Balkans (photos + videos)

Synaxis of All Saints of Demetriados

Synaxis of All Saints of Thessaliotidos

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