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Friday, January 26, 2018

Saint Germanos of Sagmata in Boeotia (+ 1540)

St. Germanos of Sagmata (Feast Day - January 26)

Our Venerable Father Germanos was born in 1480 and served as abbot of the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration on Mount Sagmata in Boeotia during the bitter years of slavery under the Turkish oppressors. There he lived a life of strict asceticism and through his prayers performed many miracles.

He was also the spiritual father of Saint Seraphim of Domvou (1520-1602), who as a youth came to Sagmata and lived there as a monk for ten years. In the biography of Saint Seraphim, Saint Germanos is called a "Spirit-bearer", because he shined with spiritual grace and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He reposed in peace at the age of sixty in the year 1540.

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